Altaf Hamid Rao.

MIRPUR ( AJK) (Parliament Times):  Under the spirit to raise awareness among masses about instantly clearing way for the Ambulance while driving, a grand walk titled “Give Way To Ambulance” was held here Sunday under the auspices of Mirpur Divisional Teaching Hospital.

Besides a squade of Ambulances, doctors, para medical staff and the prominent personalities from various sections of the civil society, social workers and volunteers from various NGOs participated in the Walk led by Medical Superintendent DHQ Hospital Dr. Sardar Aamar Aziz Khan, ADC ( G) Mirpur Yasir Mahmood, MS New City teaching Hospital ,Dr.Shahzad Ghazanfar, Dr.Majid Altaf AMS Div.Teaching hospital, Deputy MS DHQ Hospital Mirpur Lady Dr. Maria Zulfiqar
Trade Union leader Raja Khalid Mahmood, Divisional PID AJK acting chief Javed Malik, Syed Rajab Shah and other medical and para medical staff of the hospital.

Our Special Jammu and Kashmir state Correspondent Altaf Hamid Rao reports from Mirpur that participants of the walk started from DHQ Hospital complex, were holding placards bearing slogans in support of the significance of giving way to Ambulance to ensure the earliest arrival to the concerned to save the life of the patient aboard the ambulance.

Addressing the participants of the walk speakers including the ADC ( G) Yasir Mahmood, Medical Superintendent Mirpur Div Teaching Hospital Dr. Sardar Aamer Aziz, DMS DHQ Hospital Dr. Maria Zulfiqar, Dr.Majid Altaf, AMS Div.Teaching hospital, MS New City Teaching Hospital Dr.Shahzad Ghazanfar and others while highlighting the importance of giving way to Ambulance, said that the vehicle moving before the ambulancr should Move Left, Drive Slow, so that the Ambulance and other emergency vehicles can speed up through the right lane. They all drivers and people should be well aware that how ambulance can speed up in congested traffic.

“Whenever you hear the siren of any emergency vehicle (ambulance, fire brigade, or police vehicle) all vehicles should give a left signal”, speakers emphasised.

Speakers including experts, advised that eft lane vehicle should slow down to make space for the right lane vehicle to safely come to the left lane, leaving the right lane free to speed up the ambulance.

“A standard message can reduce the confusion and ensure that ambulance and other emergency vehicles are speeding to save lives and reach for rescue operations”, MS Dr. Aamar Aziz underlined.

Emphasising to b ecome Ambulance Rescuer, Dr. Aamer said, “one can become ambulance rescuer and undergo training so whenever you see ambulance stuck in traffic, you are aware how to make way for ambulance so ambulance can speed up and a life is saved”, he added.

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