Irfan Khan Tareen
The topic ‘Rethinking development in Balochistan through the lens of youth empowerment’ pertains to the participation of the young people in the development process, acknowledging their potential as agents of change and empowering them to play an active role in shaping their own futures and the world around them. It also highlights their importance as the key stakeholders in promoting innovation and creativity in addition to improving decision making and solving public problems. It also helps enhance civic engagement and participation and suggests effective solutions to grapple with the national as well as global challenges. As much the youth community is empowered, so much social cohesion and mutual interaction is strengthened. A renowned author Franklin D. Roosevelt once said, “We cannot always build a future for our youth, but we can build youth for the future.” Youth’s empowerment is very crucial for exploring their interests and potential. It enables them to unveil and utilize their latent traits or qualities, which in turn energize them to follow the best pursuits for attaining the desired goals through sheer hard work and diligence. Making availability of the best opportunities and granting space and trust to them to practice autonomy are indispensable for their enlightened future. Providing training mentorship and other education related programs will augment and develop their level of knowledge and skills in terms of policy making processes. ‘ Obviously, rethinking development manifests only feasible on the account of youth’s empowerment. Ensuring the latter by hook and by crook surely appears a moral obligation’, a government’s fundamental duty as well as a socioeconomic imperative . Rethinking development is ostensibly yielded through flourishing the underlying blessings of education and employment, which indeed conduce in strengthening youth’s potential. On the contrary what exhibits most crucial rather than underscoring these aforementioned efforts, addressing the leading compulsions with which the youth is grappling seems sublimely constructive, assisting in mitigating the rays of bleakness and disappointment. Since last few decades or so all, rethinking development in balochistan exits at the bottom of the ladder as its youth’s potential is stifled and suffocated due to a number of reasons. In these rainy days, education as well as financial crisis appear on large scale, dissuading rethinking development as well as undermining the province’s economic stability. No doubt, dejection and disappointment mount to monstrous level when the implications of persisting confusions steer individuals, including minor girls and boys to child labour and exploitative working conditions.The later and miserable treatment faced by both the young girls and young boys in working forums create fear and pain. All these cripple youth’s empowerment as well as degrade rethinking development. Assuredly, we being incapable due to ingrained poverty cannot render enlightened future to youth. What we can carry out in the nick of time is to equip our youth with full training, discipline and more important is education. This stated effort may in the long run bring a bright outlook in the form of mitigating economic crisis among youth and this will further help to reduce their financial dependence on others. In this regard we can offer enlightened future to youth as well as we can safeguard a considerable amount of talent from being wasted. What we need in Balochistan is dedicated leadership and government that could set the youth on the path of self-reliance, discourage youth’s compulsions and encourage juveniles participation in every walk of life. Unfortunately, since the inception of Pakistan, Balochistan’s literacy rate standing at the lowest rate seems the greatest obstacle in the way of progress and social uplift. Now-a-days, 1.3 million out of 3.6 million children have access to educational institutions while on the other side, 2.3 million kids drop out of schools because of financial constraints. According to 2020’s survey, female literacy rate stands at 27 percent while on the whole, the rate far less than 43 percent. Almost 7000 schools are located across the province but unluckily, 70 schools are dysfunctional due to dearth of budgetary resources and perpetual apathy shown by the various governments in the past. Aristotle once said, “Education is an ornament in prosperity and refuge in adversity.” What comes up extremely requisite is to dismantle the deep roots of illiteracy. Knowledge development undeniably exhibits the most imperious effort, which needs to be exhibited by the government in the form of establishing higher proper institutions which provide higher education as well as sufficient budget resources in this direction. Vocational training programmes should be expanded with standard skills, which may remain helpful as maintaining connection with key industries in the country and abroad the country. Schemes including providing merit-based scholarships and visas to visit foreign countries should be mounted. In this regard, laptop scheme was a good idea which needs to be reintroduced in the institutions. Convincing rethinking development in balochistan through youth’s empowerment, too exhibits possible in the form of honoring youth’s voice in highlighting their socioeconomics barriers manifest clearly fruitful. In addition , catering them basic facilities are also important. Apart from it, catering better earning opportunities to youth including the provision of jobs is strikingly the best imperative which needs to be demonstrated in the nick of time. [CONTINUE] Through undertaking substantial steps as well as boosting youth ability to earn more through entrepreneurship , looms sublimely constructive measure, assisting in mollifying their economics owes and keeping them mentally thrived. Unquestionably , unemployment and dearth of opportunities engender intolerance in society on large scale. With unemployment on rise in balochistan , investment in youth is important. Focusing on the core concept, regarding offering best money earning opportunities should be focal point of government. All these statement clearly illustrate that fulfilling the economics needs of present youth will improve the province economic stability. Carrying out the latter by proactive strategies will display youth’s empowerment , and this scenario will bring devise a great rethinking development in Balochistan. In the same way, trusting their ability as leaders, holds immense significance in reinforcing youth’s access to good consequences. No doubt, infusing a new spirit in youth is apparently possible through encouraging their participation in socio-economic policies, and their representation in politics is to of all a transformative measure.This will surely aggrandize their potential to cope every sort of obstacle bravely and happily. Besides, dispiriting youth in politics is an indicative of bare injustice as well as a symbol of considering them as slaves. All these norms exist in Balochistan since last few decades. Contrary to this, economical prospered classes seem ruling on the living masses, while financially downtrodden classes are deprived of the right to contest elections wholeheartedly. Discouraging the propensities averse to youth’s enlightened future, is well thought strategy and the second important measure to restore youth’s empowerment. Moreover, better mentoring helps to broach new rainbows of developments and this is observed to be the utmost requirement of youth living in Balochistan. Lack of motivation suffocates thinking development but unluckily our youth indulges in it on a great shred. Progress in knowledge growth, definitely, comes on the account of allaying pressure to learn and extending the motivation level to learn. In this context, pastoral lectures in Balochistan’s academic centres should be cultivated and appreciated . The particular task which leads to government is to take competitive examination, that will perpetrate knowledgeable souls in the entire province. Furthermore we can empower youth through firstly underscoring their mental blocks, restricting and degrading thinking ability. The staggering is to know that in world’s developed country , America, each child is about to hear the miserable three words “ you can not, according to the reports of WHO. As compared to those civilized societies, a child here is about to heed these discouraging words more than 7 lakh lives. We , assuredly need to create conducive atmosphere in the province that promotes research. Entrenching students(youth) in cramming to learn, is the first scenario that generates a mental block, failing the ability to learn more constructively. Relating to this point of view, concepts should be promoted and academic curriculums should be designed modernly as we live in 21st century. Similarly, the second mental block lies in our discouraging environment. Lack of research and innovation, massively debititate thinking development. What we need is to pervade awareness regarding the implications originated from rendering discouraging attitudes(words) to youth and to forge up research and innovation. Subsequently we can infuse a new spirit in Balochistan’s youth on account of encouraging competition as well supporting merit on every basis. The ingrained norms to clinch governmental jobs through greasing the palms of officers must be condemned through collaborative efforts, exhibited by both public and government in the form of enabling accountability and transparency. The latter are deeply necessary to ensure equality and dignity within the youth. Ostensibly, a surge in domestic violence and harassment in working forums, escalate bleakness and disappointment on every cost, Unquestionably, illustrating females primary confusions, comprising sexual violence, forced marriages and so on are significant. All these situations develop due to archaic beliefs and gender disparities whose hamperings are particularly pivotal. Such owes have been observed in Balochistan since decades, hobbling its youth severely and can be depleted by virtue of taking substantial measures including the equitable access to resources is the fundamental one. “Life without good health is not a life. It is state of lungour and hunger and image of death”. The precious words expressed by M. Buddha, emphasizing the improvement of health sector. In Balochistan, a considerable youth suffers in undesirable diseases , but the basic health rehabilitation facilities are at the lowest level. A well through strategy is required form the provincial government to underscore the youth’s health dilemma, as this is also crucial to empower youth and empower rethinking development. The most devoted measure is to establish youth empowerment foundation forum with youth’s complete authority to share their opinions in every sphere of life. These houses should be formed first on the provincial level, second on divisional basis and last on districts level. Additionally, offering moral training to youth is massively good to reinforce moral fabric and cordial connections in society. Rethinking development is not possible in the lack moral strength. Thus the best way to flaunt the former is to civilize the youth’s attitudes and manners, through moral education and religious teachings. Liability leads towards administrators as well as schools operators to include moral training classes in annual curriculums. In brief, the provincial government needs to focus on the core concept of education , employment and entrepreneurship for prioritizing Balochistan’s youth. Likewise , cultivating leadership qualities and moral trainings in youth are preposterously important. Better mentorship through constructing youth forums and better academic curriculum through putting some requisite changes are greatly required. In the same way, creating an encouraging environment by virtue of dismantling youth’s mental blocks is assuredly of great importance. In the entire province, merit should be encouraged at every level and schemes, consisting laptop schemes, should be reintroduced . Let Government and public try their best to undertake proactive safeguards.

The writer is a student with a focus on social issues and international relations.He can be reached at


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