Islamabad, (Parliament Times) : The Kashmir Peace Conference 2024 was successfully convened at the Majestic Banquets in Islamabad, marking a significant stride towards fostering dialogue and understanding.

The event commenced with the recitation of the Holy Quran followed by the playing of Pakistan’s national anthem, setting a solemn and respectful tone for the proceedings.

The President of the Pakistan Department of Peace, Mr. Ali Muhammad Khan, graced the conference as the Chief Guest. In his address, Mr. Khan emphasized the need to revoke Article 371 of Indian law and urged the United Nations General Assembly to pass a resolution representing the Kashmiri people, standing in solidarity with them as the Palestinian representative does for their cause.

Vice President
Pakistan Department of Peace
Vice President
Pakistan Department of Peace

Syed Saddat Hussain Shah
Global Director – British Human Rights Association UK
Incharge – RCC Central Punjab (PPP)
Speech on ongoing conflict and offering of peace resolution to united nations.

Director of Peace for Azad Jammu and Kashmir, Mr. Abrar Hussain Janjua, highlighted the imperative of Kashmir’s freedom.

Dr. Ali Nauman of the Peace Department drew parallels between the gradual occupation of Palestinian territories by Israel and the situation in Kashmir, condemning the oppression of Kashmiris, the curtailment of their freedom, and the international community’s oversight of the Kashmir issue.

The event saw robust participation from the Pakistani media, with notable figures such as Sardar Shahid, President of the Rawalpindi Islamabad Bureau of Journalists; General Secretary Asif Ali Hamdani; former President (RIBJA) Nisar Ahmad; and Country News Kashmir News Director Madam Shameem, Haji Mudasir Director of Disability, among other senior journalists National Press Club Islamabad foreign media,kashmir media, Associate Press Radio pakistan, Senior Lawyer, contributing to the discourse on peace in Kashmir.

The conference concluded with a special dinner for the guests, symbolizing the hope for peace and unity.

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