Islamabad, (Parliament Times) :The Ambassador of Turkmenistan to Pakistan, His Excellency Atajan Movlamov, and the Federal Minister for Commerce of Pakistan, the Honorable Jam Kamal Khan, convened on Thursday to embark on a journey towards fortifying the trade relations between their respective nations.

In a cordial exchange, Minister Jam Kamal Khan reaffirmed Pakistan’s steadfast commitment to nurturing and strengthening bilateral ties with Turkmenistan, with a particular emphasis on trade relations. Both parties underscored the importance of cooperation grounded in principles of mutual respect and equality, setting the stage for a fruitful collaboration.

The discussions, which spanned various facets of Turkmen-Pakistani relations, showcased a shared interest in augmenting trade volumes through innovative avenues such as exploring new routes and transit trade agreements. Ambassador Movlamov, recognizing Turkmenistan’s potential to provide cost-effective electricity compared to local production in Pakistan, also emphasized opportunities for collaboration in energy sectors, including LPG and electricity.

Minister Jam Kamal Khan expressed unwavering optimism regarding the imminent signing of a Transit Trade Agreement (TTA) between the two nations. The agreement, poised for finalization, holds the promise of bolstering trade ties and fostering mutual prosperity. The signing ceremony is anticipated to take place either in Islamabad or Ashgabat, the capital of Turkmenistan.

Both officials concurred on the pivotal role of delegation exchanges in facilitating seamless coordination and expediting the finalization of the TTA. These reciprocal visits are envisioned to pave the way for enhanced cooperation and mutual understanding, thereby propelling trade between Turkmenistan and Pakistan to new heights.


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