Sahiwal (Bureau Report) : Amir Jamaat-e-Islami Sahiwal Tayyab Mehmood Baloch has said that he welcomes the refusal of Justice Tasadeq Jilani to head the inquiry commission. Showed malice, a hearing in the Supreme Judicial Council on the letter of 6 judges will be satisfactory for all, we will not demand the resignation of the Chief Justice, the country cannot afford a new crisis, February 2024 elections are unwise and rigged. There was an earthquake, the aftershocks will continue to come, the people want a solution to their problems, the economic crisis is life-threatening for the common poor man, and the lack of confidence and uncertainty on the national front is not to be treated by the establishment or the judiciary, national politics is to be done by the leadership, national political The leadership should find a political solution to the political crisis, otherwise the political and economic crisis will worsen. Jamaat-e-Islami will support constitutional, democratic, and political dialogue to solve the political and economic crisis.

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