Attock, (Bureau Report) : The drivers of the passenger wagons going from Attock to Hazro, Haji Shah, and Attock on Kamra Road have started openly disobeying the law and have taken the form of a bad economy. One hears the use of profanity and foul language, some drivers even say that they pay monthly to the traffic police, often standing in line to seat passengers in front of the district headquarters hospital and medical store. Private vehicles face extreme difficulty in taking U-turns, and wagons park ahead of the passenger waiting area in People’s Colony, which makes it difficult for private vehicles to come to Attock, Kamra Road, this process takes a long time. While Ford wagons that are 1962 models do not have working brakes, lights, or turn signal bulbs, it is not known whether wagons even receive their maintenance certification from the Motor Vehicle Examiner. No, the law of the Motor Vehicle Examiner’s Office only comes into action for ordinary citizens, no law applies to irresponsible drivers. If there is a demonstration, the Attock traffic police will be responsible for it, many people have also made a movie of the Attock traffic police.

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