Islamabad, (Parliament Times) : Prime Minister Azad Kashmir Ch. Anwarul Haq, while terming February 27 as a Victory Day for Pakistan, has said that the Pakistan Air Force amply demonstrated its conventional and technological supremacy through its successful counterattack against IAF.

In his special message issued on the fifth anniversary of Operation Soft Retort, the AJK premier said that on this day in 2019 Pakistan Air Force exhibited its professional capabilities and fighting prowess by responding to Indian aggression.
Referring to Pakistan army’s excellent track record and ability to defend the geographical frontiers of the country, prime minister Haq said that Pakistan Army has always proved its metal.

The PM said that downing of the Indian war plane and arrest of its pilot was not only a big surprise for India but the befitting response by the Pakistani Shaheens had completely destroyed the myth of India’s military power.
The operation swift retort, he said, dashed to the ground the India’s ambitions and false proud. “Now India cannot even dare to cast an evil eye on Pakistan”.
“We are proud of Pakistan Army, which has always fulfilled the nation’s expectations”, he said, adding that Pakistan Army was the guarantor of peace in the region.

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