WANA: Wana Union of Journalists (WUJ) 2024 election was completed, Adam Khan Wazir as Chairman while Zafar Wazir was selected as President.

According to the details, the election of Wana Union Journalists in South Waziristan Lower District were completed on Wednesday with mutual consultation.
In which the senior journalists of the country unanimously selected Adam Khan Wazir as a chairman and Zafar Wazir as a president.

Hamidullah Wazir, Saeed Wazir, Noor Ali Wazir and Qismat Ullah Wazir were also present on this occasion.
On this occasion, newly selected Chairman of Wana Union of Journalists (WUJ) Adam Khan Wazir and President Zafar Wazir said that they will work day and night for the welfare of journalists and to remove their deprivations.

Both of them expressed their determination that they will always try to create consensus and unity among the journalists of Waziristan.

They said, the challenges and issues faced by the journalists will be informed to the higher Government authorities so that the problems faced by the journalists can be solved in a timely manner.

The other Wana Union of journalists (WUJ) expressed full confidence in the newly selected chairman and president, and expressed hope that you will take practical steps for the welfare of journalists while conveying their problems to the higher authorities.

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