Bagh, (Parliament Times) : Sardar Zia Al-Qamar, Minister of Information Technology of the Azad Government, has said that the men and women of Kashmir are standing with the oppressed Muslims of Palestine. But it can never be suppressed. If the movements could be suppressed, an army of millions would have been ruling in the occupied valley for 76 years. I congratulate the girls for the way they have expressed their solidarity with Palestine. I announce the construction of the ID Excellence Center, Girls College Hall, Digital Library or Digital Laboratory in Bagh. He expressed these views while addressing the annual prize distribution ceremony of Girls Post Graduate College Bagh as the chief guest. Ms. Rozeena Asghar presided over the event while Sardar Muhammad Akbar Khan, Saira Batul, Malaika Majid, Nazia Hameed, Iqra Shakur, Qudsia Mazhar, Nazish Zahid and others addressed the event. On this occasion, the girls of the college presented the stories of the atrocities on the Muslims of Palestine through sketches and also in the speeches, solidarity was expressed with the oppressed Palestinians and the brothers and sisters of Occupied Kashmir. Sardar Zia Al-Qamar said that the current era belongs to IT, we have to educate our future generations according to the requirements of the modern era. The resources are being utilized so that our youth can get dignified employment according to the requirements of modern times. He said that the IT excellence center will be brought for the garden. We will program in this, he said that the government will meet the lack of staff in the college in any case, will go to any extent for the best education of our sisters. The government is making reforms for the education of women. Lekha makes the family We believe in giving equal rights to women and practical steps for this will be seen on the ground.

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