Islamabad, (Parliament Times) : Former Prime Minister and President of Stability Pakistan Azad Kashmir Party Sardar Tanveer Ilyas Khan has said that the proposed Deformation Act presented in the Azad Kashmir Assembly is tantamount to banning expression of opinion, it is a black law, the rulers of Azad Kashmir are trying to make Azad Kashmir occupied Kashmir.

However, I am with the journalists of Azad Kashmir, if this black law is passed by the assembly, the difference between Azad Kashmir and Occupied Kashmir will disappear. The rulers are plotting to suppress the independent media to hide their corruption and theft. The current government is bringing this law at a time when India is taking steps to change the status of Occupied Kashmir, this government seems to be busy facilitating Modi’s thinking by implementing it in Azad Kashmir, he said.

In the ongoing statement, the former Prime Minister said that the proposed Deformation Act to be presented in the Azad Kashmir Assembly is a violation of basic human rights. In the same decision, the Supreme Court of India imposed a ban on any kind of criticism and viralization of this decision on social media. The perpetrators are trying to stifle the independent media. Stability Pakistan Party believes in freedom of the press and stands with journalists against the proposed black law.

He assured the journalists that he would raise his voice against this black law at every forum. The current government is bringing defamation law to strangle the media instead of reforming it. The current government’s actions in all sectors are dictatorial, base camp media and Azadi Movement is an effective tool to highlight Jammu and Kashmir, The current government’s days are few, and restrictions on media will not last the power.

We are in protest with all the journalists and journalistic organizations of Azad Kashmir, the coalition parties sitting in the House and the opposition should oppose this controversial and black law and reject it. Ch. Anwarul Haq gained power by stealth, and charged hundreds of male and female teachers with sticks, he said.

The current government has failed miserably and has lost its credibility, and now the conspiratorial mentality of Anwarul-Haq is trying unsuccessfully to perpetuate his power against the journalists associated with the state print, electronic, and digital media and the cities with his opinion, he said.

The black law has been presented in the House, and criticizing and publicizing the government’s actions is the primary responsibility of the media, the media of Azad Kashmir has been working in the best way despite its limited resources, the state media and journalists are the real heirs of the Azadi Jammu Kashmir movement, he said.

Media has always raised its voice on the human rights violations in Jammu and Kashmir at the national and international level and brought the world’s attention to this region, bringing the actions of the base camp government to the world, this media has done good work, he said.

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