Traditional Vs Rational


We welcome cultural values and traditions from our ancestors because we believe they add value to our lives, but what if some traditions become obsolete with time? These values and traditions can cause blunders for future generations, for which we need to heed things rationally. We value the traditional aspect, but being introspective, we need to measure the pros and cons of everything. Honey is used to be given in South Asian culture which should not be given to the baby after its inception. Babies younger than 1 year old should not be given honey. That’s because a type of bacteria (called Clostridium) that causes botulism can be found in honey. Infant botulism can cause muscle weakness, with signs like poor sucking, a weak cry, cconstipation, and decreased muscle tone (floppiness). The second cultural aspect that we use is to cover a baby’s face while sleeping. As an adult did you try this to your face? You will gonna face shortness of breath if you do this while sleeping. Covering the baby’s face is not a good option. Covering a baby’s head or face increases the risk of sudden infant death. Your baby’s face and head need to stay uncovered during sleep as this reduces the risk of SUDI. A good way to do this is to put the baby’s feet at the bottom of the cot so that the baby can’t slip down under the blankets. Giving raw water to babies is also a risk. Mother feed is filled with more than 70% of water which means that the water requirement is fulfilled by the mother feed. There is no need to give the water separately. It follows that giving your infant water runs the danger of packing their stomach with something very insignificant—at least to a baby—and preventing them from receiving the vitamins, minerals, fat, and calories that are so essential for healthy growth and development. Serious issues may arise from this. To put it briefly, the extra water that is delivered to the kidneys above their capacity ends up in your blood. This causes your blood’s fluid content to decrease and the concentration of vital electrolytes, such as sodium, to drop. You run the danger of developing hyponatremia, which is defined as having too little salt in the blood (hyponatremia) due to excessive dilution. New momies should know that after feeding the baby they must upright the baby for the burp. This is the most important thing after feeding the baby. An important part of feeding a baby is burping. Burping helps to get rid of some of the air that babies tend to swallow during feeding. Not being burped often and swallowing too much air can make a baby spit up, or seem cranky or gassy. Wash your nipples with just water because soaps can remove your natural lubrication. This lubrication prevents your nipples from drying out and cracking while nursing. After each feeding, put a few drops of breast milk on your nipples. This helps to moisturize your nipple and fight off possible infections. This is vital if you want to save your baby from infections. Let’s embrace the rational options rather than traditional ones.Our moms are our superheroes and biggest supporters, but we usually don’t tell them enough about how much they’re appreciated


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