Ch. Naeem Akhtar urges the nation not to confuse a politician with extremist elements.

Muzaffarabad,(Parliament Times) : Chairman Jammu & Kashmir forum France and former coordinator to prime minister AJK for Europe Chaudhary Naeem Akhtar has said that the cases of former premiers Imran Khan and Nawaz Sharif are decided prior to the upcoming elections scheduled for February 8, enabling the people to discern between honest and dishonest leaders adding that party supremo was being accused of getting justice on fast track.
This, he said, should not be the case as justice should be done in every case expeditiously.
In a veiled reference to the PTI chief, he urged the nation not to confuse a politician with extremist elements involved in attacking state institutions.
He expressed the hope that the PML-N would win the upcoming polls with a thumping majority, but pointed out that Nawaz would create a national government to tackle the multi-faceted issues facing the country, including all provincial and national parties.
Voters are politically mature enough and we have full faith in their wisdom as they are fully aware of the prevailing situation,” he said.
The country was passing through a critical financial phase, due to increasing inflation, but there was a roadmap to get out of it by stopping the incompetent people from coming into power again, who had brought the nation at the verge of default and bankruptcy, he added. He viewed that the public would support that party which whenever took the government’s reins, the wheel of national economy started moving at a fast pace, besides building motorways and setting up universities. “Everyone knows the leaders who had laid the foundation of a modern Pakistan by establishing a vibrant infrastructure, which is compatible with rest of the world. The people have not forgotten that who had introduced the reforms in transport and health sectors,” he said.

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