Muzaffarabad, (Parliament Times) : Central leader of MQM, former Minister of Tourism and Transport, and former parliamentary leader Muhammad Tahir Khokhar said that The presence of state MLAs in the assembly is a question mark. Non-state non-Kashmiri people are members of the assembly, due to which concerns are being raised. The mark is rising, how did non-state MLAs reach the Azad Kashmir assembly, what powers were with them, and how did they become fake state subjects, everything is done by throwing dust in the eyes of the people, and the non-state MLAs in Azad Kashmir assembly are on the people of Kashmir. Imposed, such people have become Kashmiris who do not even know that they are Kashmiris. The state is being oppressed, Currently, MLAs with fake state subjects are not only present in the assembly, but some have become government ministers. In such a situation, the resources of the state have become a question mark. Tahir Khokhar said that the government should take action against such institutions and officers who made non-state people fake state subjects due to which non-state non-Kashmiri people are imposing on Kashmiri people in Azad Kashmir Assembly today. Kashmiris are being made, due to which non-Kashmiri people are robbing the people of the state, and the rights of the Kashmiri people are being destroyed. He said that now there is an invasion of Kashmir by non-state people, the government should conduct an inquiry and fake state subjects have been issued to non-state non-Kashmiri people, they should be canceled and action should be taken against the relevant institutions and officers. Because of Bhagat, non-state people have become Kashmiris, this is the worst injustice against the people of Kashmir, the identity of Kashmiris is being attacked and non-Kashmiri people are being included in the Kashmiri identity. They are giving fake state subjects to non-Kashmiri people who are not Kashmiri but non-Kashmiri non-state people.

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