DPO ordered to start crackdown against all absconders.

By Staff Reporter

WANA: Yesterday District Police Officer South Waziristan Lower Farmanullah held a special meeting with all police station Moharrirs in his office today.

DPO Farmanullah gave a detailed discussion about the accused, absconders and advertisers.

On this occasion DPO Farmanullah while issuing instructions said, that the data of all fugitives/absconders and advertisers along with ID card number and mobile number should be given to IT Lab, which will facilitate the arrest of fugitives and advertisers.

DPO Farmanullah said that a crackdown will be started against all fugitives/ absconders from tomorrow.

DPO said that all SHOs will submit their reports on a daily basis.

He said that the modern scientific and technical equipment provided by the provincial government will be used, and due to which no one will escape arrest, SIMs will be provided at all check posts and blockades.
The bodies will be registered in the names of fugitives and advertisers, which will facilitate their arrest. The crackdown on fugitives, advertisers will continue until the last fugitive is arrested.

The DPO further said that the law is equal for all and no one will be abused, but no one will be able to escape from the grip of the law. Actions will continue for everyone according to the law and without discrimination.

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