Political parties should stop fooling people, Syed Faqir Hussain Bukhari

Islamabad, (PML-Khan Qayyum Khan) : President Syed Faqir Hussain Bukhari has appointed SM Rashid as senior vice president of the party, Colonel retired Asad Mahmood as secretary general and Muhammad Iqbal Rizvi as president of the Human Rights and Cultural Wing, Syed. Faqir Hussain Bukhari announced this while holding a press conference at the National Press Club Islamabad. On this occasion, Syed Faqir Hussain Bukhari, president of Pakistan Muslim League Khan Qayyum Khan, further said that political parties should stop fooling the people. Political losers are fed up with open slogans and false slogans, all the politicians of Pakistan have to give up their negative attitudes and stop swearing, using dirty language, making each other scumbags, politicians. It is necessary to use polite and polite language, general elections should be held under the constitution, Pakistan Muslim League Khan Qayyum Khan will participate in the next election and will field educated, patriotic, honest hopefuls. If it is not possible to unite with like-minded parties, they will also do so in consultation with the party. Very soon, they will present their election manifesto to the people, which will be in accordance with the aspirations of the nation, Syed Faqir Hussain Bukhari further said that corruption, nepotism, corruption, political instability have pushed the country into darkness, and external interference and Agents of the imperialist forces started to appear who prioritized the country’s interest over personal and political interest, places of worship, mosques, dargahs, imambargahs, churches were again targeted by terrorism. All the political rulers are responsible for their wrong policies, lavish bribery, indiscriminate use of the treasury, heavy loan waivers, commission kickbacks, corruption, etc. Injustice, separate law for the poor, separate law for the rich, now the country needs political stability, proper development of democracy to get rid of the International Financial Institutions (IMF), World Bank, etc.

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