PWDs to expose latent talents of special persons before world.

By; Sher Zada
Peshawar (Parliament Times) : Climate change is burning issue of concerns in today’s globalized world. Pakistan is one of the victim countries of challenges
risen by climate change. In recent years Pakistan have been faced with challenges of devasting floodings and parrel droughts due to climate change. Looking to
the importance of subject matter Ayesha Foundation a Peshawar based non-for-profit organization arranged art and painting competition at Special Education
Complex for the persons with disabilities (PWDs) to expose the latent talents of the special persons before the world. Whereas more than 20 special persons took
part in this art and painting competition. The event was supervised by experts panel of judges including Assistant Professor Afsheen Zafar and Assistant Professor
Masood Younis from Department of Arts and Design Peshawar University, where the painting competitors were graded following the competition policy set by
experts. The first three, winner, runner and chaser were awarded with cash prizes. While keeping the essence of equity all remaining painting competitors were
given encouragement petty cash tips to motivate them to play their active role in combating challenges of climate changes in Pakistan. Following successful
painting competition an awareness session about the challenges climate change and resilience of masses was held, which was participated by a large no of people
from different walks of life . Where subject experts and representatives of different national organizations i.e., PRCS and International organization i.e., United
Nations shed light upon the valuable inputs and roles played by PWDs in past. On this occasion Mr. Ejaz Khan Zonal head of the United Nations Development
Program urged upon the youth and PWDs to come forward and play their key role for this important cause. The chairperson of Ayesha Foundation briefed the
media that “PWDs and Transgenders are equal counterparts in our journey to make Pakistan a proud country and let the world realize that PWDs are capable of
contesting competitions and bringing positive change in society”. She further revealed that Ayesha Foundation will continue its flight for the empowerment of
marginalized segments of society and carry on its activities about the issues related to climate change in Pakistan. Miss Batool appreciated cooperation of its
partners organizations i.e. PRCS, German Red Cross, Directorate of Youth Affairs for making this event happen.

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