Muhammad Tahir Khokhar says inflation will come & storm of taxes is biggest loss to common man.

Muzaffarabad,  (Parliament Times) : (MQM) central leader former Minister of Tourism and Transport Muhammad Tahir Khokhar while talking to the media said that petrol bomb of 18 rupees has been dropped on the people, inflation will come and a storm of taxes has been created which is the biggest loss to the common man. will deliver. Talking to the media that the people are drowning in the flood of inflation, the poor people are drowning in the tsunami of inflation. It has become difficult for the people to buy food and get medical treatment because the inflation of fuel prices, electricity bills and house rents are emptying their pockets.
Profiteers are taking full advantage. He said that even Rs. is weakening, making imports more
expensive, while the ruling elites are a picture of helplessness in this regard.If the rupee weakens,
everything imported will become more expensive. Electricity rates for the public have increased by more than a hundred percent and electricity bills have become a nightmare for millions of people. Due to inflation, the number of unemployed people in the country has increased by at least three million. The current measures are pushing millions of people below the poverty line. He said that the name and sign of coexistence has been erased from the country’s politics and now the conflict is being prioritized over everything that will help the economy. A new and serious situation is emerging and the government’s destruction is continuing on the people who have been spared. Sometimes it feels that way. Like there is no such thing as government in this country. This country is becoming a state.The principle of whose stick is its buffalo is applicable here. It has been made difficult for people to get two meals a day. People who are doing business are very worried because of expensive electricity and illegal taxes of the government. Now the petrol bomb has been dropped. The worry and anxiety can be seen on the faces of 22 crore people. Parents whose children are studying in schools are given a paper in their hands every day, on which there is an excuse to take something out of the parent’s pocket. A small copy which used to fetch Rs 15,20 has now gone up to Rs 300. Education has been made more difficult. People are being killed by petrol bombs, electrocution. Electricity prices have become beyond the reach of poor
people.The people are not being given absolute relief, every passing day is nothing short of torture for
the people. The government should pay attention to the welfare of the people and should create facilities for the poor people. The poor people do not have three meals a day to raise their children, while the people are being bombarded with electricity. And the difficulties have been increased. The country has a wonderful system. The poor are getting poorer and the rich are getting richer. There is humiliation and humiliation everywhere for the poor. The condition of the poor Pakistani people is getting worse every day. It is going from bad to worse. Mothers are poisoning their children on a daily basis. They are
committing suicide, does this news not reach the oppressive rulers?Should they stay in power in such
circumstances but it doesn’t matter to them. Petrol bomb, by increasing electricity bills has created a
disturbing situation in which public hatred is increasing day by day, prices of petroleum products. The
increase in the prices of electricity, petrol and diesel is causing basic food items to be removed from the reach of the people. The rulers should open their eyes and not drown the people in the sea of inflation, give relief.

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