Violence against young domestic workers: A Social tragedy


Ghulam Yaseen Nizami

Our society has become so corrupt that every elder and elder abuses their domestic workers for the slightest infractions. These oppressors have set up their own private jails and prisons where mountains of cruelty are unleashed on these innocent, poor and helpless people.These tyrants and oppressors do not know that by doing this they are forcing the fire of hell upon themselves. They do not know that there is a power that has the most authority and power over us and none of our actions are hidden from it. Due to social indifference and economic compulsion, making young children work in Pakistan is a crime in which the parents themselves are guilty of aiding and abetting. The poor people, due to their financial constraints, employ their young children in the houses of these rich people. Rich people believes that only they have the right to live in the world, according to them the poor and needy people do not have the right to live. These nobles are so intoxicated with their wealth and power that they consider it their right to impose undue hardship on the servants kept in their homes. They torture young boys and girls working in their homes, sometimes resulting in disability or death. It was narrated from Abu Masud that I was beating my slave with a whip when he saw me and expressed his displeasure and said: O Abu Masud! You should know that as much power as you have over this slave, Allah Almighty has more power over you.Hazrat Abu Masud says that the whip fell from my hand due to your fear. I said: ‘O Holy Prophet! That slave is free for God. The Holy Prophet (P.B.U.H) said: If you did not do this, the fire would burn you or he said: The fire would touch you. At another place, the Holy Prophet (P.B.U.H)said: Allah will punish those who punish people in this world. It is clear that unjustified or excessive violence and oppression on one’s subordinates leads to the punishment of hell. If they commit a minor crime or a minor omission, then the Holy Qur’an has guided us in this regard: And they are the ones who control their anger and forgive people (for their mistakes). (Al-Imran: 134) Under the this order, forgive them or dismiss them from their jobs or hand them over to the law, but we have no authority to punish ourselves by being a judge. Sometimes we suspect that our employees are harming us or these employees are not polite or they are not loyal, in which case we should let them go or fire them. However, it is in no way permissible to give them extraordinary punishment for their minor crimes.Hazrat Abu Ali Suwayd narrated: We had no slave except one slave girl. The youngest of us slapped her so theHoly Prophet (P.B.U.H)ordered us to set the slave girl free.In other words, the Master (peace and blessings of Allah be upon him) expressed his displeasure at just one slap and gave the form of reparation for committing this serious crime, that this slave girl should be freed, while we ourselves break mountains of oppression and oppression although these are not our precious slaves/servants.On the authority of HazratIbn Umar, the Holy Prophet (P.B.U.H)said: Whoever punishes his slave for a crime he did not commit or slaps him then his expiation is to set him free. Our society is broken. The society is divided into many classes. A clear line has been drawn between rich people and poor people. People of noble and wealthy families think that only we have the right to live in this world. The poor and needy people do not have the right to live.These nobles are so intoxicated with their wealth and power that they use their house servants without fear and consider it their right to do unjustified harshness. Satan has so dominated these oppressors that they even torture small children and girls working in the houses. Every day many such incidents are broadcasted in the headlines of newspapers and through TV channels.These heartbreaking incidents of violence make one bow their heads in shame. Due to their financial constraints, poor people employ their young children in the homes of these rich people, while these miserable and malicious people take unfair advantage of their constraints and exploit these children. Children are an important part of human society. Like other members of the society, they also have a moral position and a social status. There are many issues in which children need protection. Just as the state, constitution and law uphold the fundamental rights of every human being, they also guarantee the protection and protection of children’s rights.The religion of Islam commands to treat every adult with courtesy and kindness to the little ones. The Holy Prophet said: He is not from our Nation (i.e. he has nothing to do with us) who treats small children in our Nation. But do not show mercy and compassion and do not recognize the right of great people.Study the decrees of the Holy Prophet so that each of us can know the extent of the peace and mercy of Islam and that this special attitude of violence against domestic workers can be resolved.

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