Iqra Aman Abro

Muharram is a new month of Islamic year. But this month is celebrated to remember the sacrifices and struggles of prophet’s family members. Imam Hussain (RA) the grandson of prophet, the rider of his shoulder and son of Imam Ali, who was martyred in the field of karbala on 10th muharram 61 AH by yazid along with his family and companions including women and children taken as prisoners. Yazid had broken all rules of humanity when he stoped water, 3 days before Aashura, they were deprived from water and their night prayer. Imam Hussain requested water for his 6-month old son, Ali al-Asghar then yazid’s army showered arrow upon little child to kill him. After his death, Imam Hussain was beheaded and then his sister, wives, daughters and other family members was ransacked. We have never seen a man remaining as composed as, Imam Hussain was. When his relatives and children were slaughtered before his eyes. He could have easily saved himself and his family from all that torture. If only he had been selfish. But before heading for karbala. Imam Hussain said, “A person of my type can never accept allegiance of person like yazid.” Their sacrifices have enormous meaning they gave a lesson to us with their blood. They knew they could not defeat army of yazid but didn’t tolerate any change in Islamic principles. Their sacrifices were not just for one particular sect of Islam, but for humanity as a whole. Tragedy Of Karbala Presented A Great Lesson 1. Be Righteous like Imam Hussain, even if you are alone. 2. Be Just, means raise voice against oppression, even if you have to die. 3. Be Patient, even if you have to loss every thing. 4. Be Brave like Zainab, sister of Imam Hussain, she fearlessly spoke against tyrant ruler. Conclusion is this, to make humanity and justice is everyone’s business. May Allah grant us ability to follow teachings of Imam Hussain and his comrades. AMEEN!

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