Rawalpindi,  (Parliament Times) : We condemn the Prime Minister’s statement regarding real estate. The real estate sector is of great importance to the economy of Pakistan. Countless industries and segments are associated with this sector. yesterday condemnation statement General Secretary of Real Estate Consistency Association (RECA) Adil Nawaz Bhatti said that A positive signal to the real estate and construction sector will drive foreign exchange remittances, automobile industry, mobile and telecom industry and retail industry as well as other domestic industries and achieve revenue targets. Improvements in the real estate sector have always had a positive impact on the economy of Pakistan. The outflow of national treasury abroad has accelerated and the remittance of foreign exchange from abroad has come to the lowest level. Adil bhatti said that if relief is not provided to the real estate and construction industry, in this situation country’s economy will not be able to recover despite the IMF package.


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