Islamabad, (Parliament Times) : Ex-PM Sardar Tanveer Ilyas became the approval of a large number of civil society people of Azad Kashmir and the workers of various political parties, the former Prime Minister started touching the heights of popularity after the historic rally in Rawalakot, in the past 19 days, the former prime minister held a rally in Rawalakot on the occasion of Pakistan’s Accession Day and managed to gather a surprising crowd in a short time despite the bad weather.

The critics were also surprised at the success of the powershow that the former Prime Minister held such a big meeting without authority and position. It was a message to the opponents that no position was needed to stay in the hearts of the people. Local body representatives, civil society, and workers of various political parties of Azad Kashmir are now considering Tanveer Ilyas as their favorite because where Tanveer Ilyas made some bold decisions during his regime, holding local body elections after three decades and transferring power to the grassroots level was also one of them.

It was a great achievement that was appreciated by the local body representatives, the people, and the leaders and workers of the opposition political parties. Looking at some of the decisions, people are now flocking to Tanveer Ilyas due to the pain of the people. The clear proof is the Rawlakot Powershow. In the rally, they challenged the government to give powers to the local body representatives, otherwise, they will not refrain from running the movement. Local body representatives or the general public, everyone considered Tanveer Ilyas important for the politics of Azad Kashmir. The workers of different classes and political parties believed that if anyone can solve the problems of the state, then his name is Sardar Tanveer Ilyas, and he is fulfilling the expectations of the people even though he is not in the government. It was thought that he would become unpopular and leave the hearts and minds of the people, but this did not happen, but the magic of Tanveer Ilyas is now beginning to speak.

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