Fairy to Faery Lands


Mian Rashid Asghar

Al-Quran : Surah An Nur Ayat-19; Those who want evil to spread among Muslims will have a painful punishment in this world and the Hereafter, and Allah knows and you do not know- Faery means a small being, human in form, playful and having magical powers. Whether We are moving to the direction of strange faery plays instead working on fair play? Before 76- years, our forefathers/ ancestors migrated taking a dream of the fairy land but after 76- years why it is going to seem as feary land where more than 12- lac skilled persons already flew away? Undoubtedly, when ethics as well as morality smash, then no law can repair it. Whether the Islamia University or other corners of our system are not secure because we have badly failed to maintain the lessons of ethics which Islam clearly demonstrated. Sorry to say! we are all time ready to fulfill the needs and necessities of ourselves & offsprings whatsoever by hook or by crook & this kind of associations with the family system have ruined the moral aspects speedily. According to the literally sources of Islamia University, the funeral of morality is going on in the dear Islamic Republic with great fanfare ! More than five thousand nude photos and videos of university students with the security officer is a question mark needs investigation impartially from all sides. Oh ! A senior officer passed away alone after consuming forbidden medicine ! The friend sitting next to him could not do anything for Colleague ? Undoubtedly, when the drainage channels are blocked, the mouths of dirty water are opened. When the air is trapped in the houses, the storm will make its way automatically! Don’t just talk here about the universities. Just look at messenger and what’s app. The big guys will look rude. Everyone has their own ways of living. This outlaw variations make a mountain whom it is hard to recognise & culminate with artificiality! Not only during the day, but also at night, when there is no relief in the boring moments, and if you are tired of the company of your partner, if you get a little chill from the bright screen, then what should the human race, who is looking for the taste of living, do? Would that we were aware & implement islamic philosophy in all respects ! In homes where there is a tradition of dialogue, the children there speak boldly and find reasons to live well but remain unwell unquestionably. They correct their directions but where all this is not there, the children go to the schools and look for it, without differentiating what is wrong & right for them? Children and teachers are also waiting for the same, why ? They all know who to let slip. This is what will happen when your standard is a believer and a believer ? Man is also an animal, he needs to fulfill his physical and spiritual requirements. So, keeping a hat on his head all the time, the body and soul will not be watered by sheer chanting. The heart is still a child ! Nothing is done to appease him colorful foods , brands , new clothes & Interactions, these are all the needs of human beings. When there are canals in places, it will be difficult to bear the foul air. Sir! What is their fault, they all did it underground ?Then the girls also wore abayas and the men also decorated the smile of nobility ? This is what we want ! That whatever happens, just be inside. It is mentioned, once that a scholar said when “Chaklay” was abolished , Very bad, now these will open from house to house ? They will also spread in noble neighborhoods. Ultimately and now this happened ! Children of our society have become so bold that they come up with thousands of arguments to do all this, whom they argument & we lay down before their classical arguments instead facing. O, Parents worried ! Many boys and girls are looking for a university relationship. They also have to buy branded items. From where can the family afford ? Surely then they have to do something one or the other way. Is it not our fault to increase the scale of outlaw desires? Sir! The water has gone over the head. Men dripping with resin and smart girls know all about oral sex, because your age, your mobile & your power of morality will compete to take the accurate direction. Then all this will happen, when your controlling schema falls & fails. Butterflies die on the candle, the candle will also burn and become ashes nothing further & no more to weep, but now you should stop crying about what happened or not happened because we were the part & parcel of such chains. You have sworn that No dialogue ! Do whatever you want underground ?If a headless woman like me and Dr. Tahira Kazmi show you a mirror, you will be panting like a chicken for what purposes? But why should we speak the truth? We will do everything and become believers. Sukkar with his life partner will see someone else’s dreams & they will not dare to tell the truth to him that time. Dude! Tired of you, now I have someone else in my mind. Neither will it cause cracks in the walls of the house. Yes, it is good to open the mouth of matter inside you to save this and coming times. Play and sister! There is no point in banning & Cultivate dialogue. Enlighten the mind ! The world has found other lands. They were buried under the topic of sex. Not having a conversation Open your mouth or learn to speak the truth by listening to your heart. Learn from the birds, they follow their own choice. They are not tied by force Well, let me tell you about a leaf Every relationship dies after 12 years. It needs a new life “Safia Hayat” Why do we want making a mountain of a mole; prefer a white elephant; feel easy for a hard nut to crack which have been common idiomatic pharases whom our students used to use in their own sentences. They used them by learning from their heart but now the changing circumstances have enabled them to use with practical ongoing situations. We feel no shyness on doing unexpected & unethical practices. Let’s consider that, A newly married couple went to an exotic place for their honeymoon. There, they stayed in a hotel for a week. When they started to leave the hotel, a long bill was handed to them on the counter. So many days stay, so many lunches, so many dinners, so much tea, etc. mentioned on the bill. Sahib reviewed the bill carefully and told the manager that the stay is fine but the food and tea are charged extra because most of the food we have eaten while going out while having fun. The manager said, ” Sir this is our rule whether you eat our food or not we have to charge because our food was ready but you were out at that time! Sahib said, “Okay, one bill is ours too. By adjusting it in your bill, 3000 goes out to you.” The manager said surprisingly what is that? Sahib said that your staff has molested my wife so many times, this is his bill. When the manager asked the staff, they flatly refused, then the manager said to Sahib? They are saying that we have not done anything which you are saying! Sahib said whether or not but my wife was ready that she was teased by your hotel staffers! Yes ! Same like that ” This is Radio Pakistan, it’s going to be 2.00 in the afternoon, whether you listen to us or not, but 15 rupees will be deducted from your electricity bill ? Imposing levy & pressure can be considered a moral value? Yes ! Look, Pakistanis, if this is the democratic government, then 10 rupees for small urine and 20 rupees for large urine will be added to the electricity bill ? means all taxes maybe included in single bill? Now the opportunity is available & Govt. should also include the fare of this train in the electricity bill, going which brought the Muslims from there to Pakistan at the time of independence N-League supporters are silent on inflation ? Are they present in Pakistan! Good enough ! The investigation report calls for an impartial investigation with due observations, wonderful, if no video was found from the mobile phone of the chief security officer and sheer only pictures, then what should be the status of the mobile phone of a responsible officer? If there are only photos in this mobile phone, then such photos can also be present in the mobile phone of a common man also and what is the status of being forensic or not? But this is not seen here What is the difference between real and fake photos? If film actresses from all over the world are collected, they cannot be close to 5500 figure? Who told the story of 5500 videos? The writer must have filed a story about the mastermind setup any time? The sky clouds do not rise above the head, but rises automatically. Forensic report may take a month or more. Rather, in such sensitive cases, time becomes an indefinite period. Question style & news published in Daily Jhang needs continued follow up ! Accused are accused of using ice drug, but their medical tests were not done. How was it proved that they use drugs? But never forget, How is it possible for girls to come forward now ? May it be possible for a family to present here daughter, sister in front of inquiries. In Islam, bribery, intoxicants and likewise things have been declared illicit (haram) , and how has this philosophy been ignored by our schools & school of thoughts? On other side consider for a while, this is the time to become out of mountainous illicit horrows by means of lessoning morality & recalling our forgotten precious practices and lessening the issuance of licenses of armour & threatening the innocent people who have been living from decades under the poverty line. Sources disclosed that, all fees related to making, renewing a new Arms Licence where an increase of up to 2 thousand percent ? The caretaker cabinet has approved Schedule One of the Punjab Arms Rules 2023 It approved the change ! The fee for obtaining a new personal arms license has been increased from 10,000 to 50 thousand and increase the renewal fee from 1- thousand rupees 5- thousand rupees. To make the license of Punjab Interior Department all Pakistan Fee one lakh rupees and arms license processing fee Increased from 1400 to 2- thousand rupees, but there is dire need to scale down the armour in people’s lives & manage the Qur’an & its verses to communicate.

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