Hosted by China Media Group, the parent company of CGTN, and the Shanghai Municipal People’s Government, the second CMG Forum has been held in Shanghai this week. Over 200 representatives from international organizations, media, think-tanks and multi-national enterprises, participated on Thursday. Wu Bin reports.

Calling for media organizations to take joint action to boost global cooperation. That’s the message from the Second China Media Group, or CMG Forum. The joint initiative was released in Shanghai by CMG, together with international media organizations including the Asia-Pacific Broadcasting Union, the Arab States Broadcasting Union, the African Union of Broadcasting, the European News Exchange, and the Latin American Informative Alliance.

AHMED NADEEM Secretary-General, Asia-Pacific Broadcasting Union “I think collaboration is key, because we’ve seen this through all industries, not only media industry that we need to share experiences, that we need to learn from each other. And I think CMG, through different media entities, is showing the world how well we can do together.”

The theme of this year’s forum is “Opening-up, Inclusiveness, Mutual Benefit: join hands on the path towards modernization.” Many have praised China’s modernization path, especially Beijing’s efforts in opening-up its economy.

MIKAEL HEMNITI WINTHER Consul General of Denmark to Shanghai “Being from Denmark, we benefited from that openness, we enjoyed it. We think that mutual cooperation that Denmark and China have, also here in Shanghai. It’s really rewarding.”

Given the nature of global challenges, some visitors have praised the theme this year, saying there’s a need for countries to work together.

JIM ROGERS Investor “I hope you can get everybody to do that. The world needs this. I know the closing-off is not good for anybody, so I hope China and the west continues to open and work together for more prosperity.”

At the forum, four of CMG’s latest works were also announced, including the group’s audio and video AI model, a trailer for the multi-language documentary “Decoded: China’s modernization,” China’s ESG report, and a world tour of an exhibition called “Journey through Civilizations.”

WU BIN Shanghai “Initiated by China Media Group in 2022, the CMG Forum aims to build a platform for exchange and cooperation between media organizations from around the world. Three sub-forums will be held during the 2nd edition covering ‘opportunities under global changes,’ ‘China’s high-quality development’ and ‘media responsibility’ among other topics. Wu Bin, CGTN, Shanghai.”


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