Senator Samina Mumtaz Zehri

QUETTA,  (Parliament Times) : In Stockholm, the desecration of the Holy Qur'an with the permission of the police once again
is an intolerable act. The frequent incidents of Islamophobia in Sweden are tragic. In this regard,
emergency measures will have to be taken all over the world, including Islamic countries. Public
desecration of the Holy Quran with government support is highly condemnable and intolerable and
these events should be strongly opposed by the whole world. These views were expressed by Central
Vice President of Balochistan Awami Party, Senator Samina Mumtaz Zehri in her condemning statement.
She said that even thinking about the events that happened in Sweden makes heart tremble.
“Na’azobillah”, kicking and desecrating the Holy Quran cannot be tolerated by any Muslim. The way this
senseless and highly condemnable act was reacted to in Iraq and the Swedish embassy was set on fire, it
can spread all over the world.
She has expressed her deep anger over recent incident of burning the Holy Quran in Sweden and said
that no matter how much this heartbreaking incident is condemned, it is less. We demand Swedish
government that the people involved in the incident and those who support them should be severely
punished. She said that such frequent incidents have hurt the feelings of Muslims and this is a very

disgusting, reprehensible and intolerable act that should be condemned by every intelligent person.
Such incidents are an attempt to inflame the sentiments of Muslims. Such incidents cannot be ignored.
With the permission and patronage of the Swedish government, such an event is a matter of concern for
the whole world.
Senator Samina Mumtaz Zehri further said that countries around the world, including the Islamic world,
should raise their voices to prevent such incidents. Muslim countries should urgently call a conference of
Islamic countries by adopting an effective strategy and an effective action plan should be decided in this
regard and relations should be immediately severed from all countries, including Sweden, where
incidents like Islamophobia and hurting the feelings of Muslims are taking place, and a complete boycott
of all Swedish products should be done. She said that we will record our protest on every forum. All
Muslims demand that those guilty of hurting the sentiments of Muslims and desecrating the Holy Quran
should be punished and steps should be taken at the government level to prevent such incidents in the
future. She said that the religion of Islam gives a message of peace and love to the whole world and
Allah Almighty sent Prophet Muhammad Mustafa (SAW) to the world as a mercy, whose teachings give a
message of peace and teach peace and love not only to Muslims but to the whole world.
Senator Samina Mumtaz Zehri said that the whole world, especially in the western world, needs to take
measures to raise awareness and remedy against Islamophobia because it will help in controlling the
atmosphere of violence and hatred against Muslims. She said that hatred against Islam and Muslims
must be stopped, while the promotion of religious tolerance is the need of the hour to end
Islamophobia and the United Nations and other organizations have a duty to play a role to change their
effective trend of violence and hate against Islam around the world. She said that hatred against Islam
and Muslims must be stopped, while the promotion of religious tolerance is the need of the hour to end
Islamophobia. She also demanded the government of Pakistan to immediately sever all ties with Sweden
and record a strong protest against such incidents.

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