ISLAMABAD:  Prime Minister (PM) Shehbaz Sharif while strongly condemning the incident of desecration of the Holy Quran has said the behaviors like inciting the religious sentiments are fatal to the world peace.

“These behaviors are highly condemnable and despicable both legally and morally. we will evolve a joint strategy from the platform of OIC to counter this devilish act, he said this in a statement issued here Friday.

OIC has to play historical role in representing the sentiments of Muslim Ummah and stopping this satanic act, he added.

We will run campaign to get change the decision of allowing the desecration of divine books Torah, Bible and Holy Quran.
He observed the desecration of sacred books, persons and rituals is not freedom of expression but it is freedom to constantly torment the world.
Continuity in these incidents bears evidence this is part of political and satanic agenda.

He stressed that the entire Muslim and Christian world will have to stop this conspiracy together.

The followers of devil are desecrating such book which gave respect to the human being and provided rights and guidance.

The decision for allowing desecration of divine books Torah, Bible encouraged the desecrators, he indicated.

This is promotion of hatred which international law does not allow.

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