Pakistanis, Kashmiris in US should welcome Modi with ‘Butcher of Kashmir’ banners: Mushaal

ISLAMABAD.  (Parliament Times) : Mushaal Hussein Mullick, the Chairperson of Peace and Culture Organisation and wife of jailed Kashmiri Hurriyat leader, Muhammad Yasin Malik urged the Pakistani and Kashmiris diasporas to welcome notorious Narendra Modi with banners of ‘Butcher of Kashmir’, for unleashing a reign of terror and committing world’s worst war crimes in the Indian Illegally Occupied Jammu and Kashmir (IIOJK).
Mushaal, a wife of incarcerated senior hurriyat leader Yasin Malik, on Friday praised the l large group of people who protested outside the UN building in New York and raised ant-Modi slogns, calling him “butcher of Gujarat,”, besides accusing him of pursuing anti-minority policies to marginalize them and make India Hindu State.
The chairperson said that the US President Joe Biden being a champion of human rights should take Modi to task for turning the scenic Kashmir valley into a world largest torture cell and open prison and even women and children were not being spared.
She said that gravity of the situation could be judged from the fact when the world was observing the International Widows Day on Friday, Kashmiri women continued to suffer at the hands of brutal occupation Indian forces, rendering 22,960 women widowed and 107849 children have been orphaned in IIOJK since 1989 since January 1989 till date.
The chairperson lamented that around 2,500 women have been forced to live as half widows during the past 35 years whose husbands were subjected to custodial disappearance after arrest by Indian army and several of them died due to mental tension.
Mushaal stated that the most influential leader of Kashmir Yasin Mailk, who was an icon of resistance and sacrificed everything for the freedom of Kashmir, was facing the threat of judicial murder. She said that it was right time, the International community, human rights organisations and Kashmiris diaspora should raise voice for Yasin Malik and other Kashmiri detainees during Modi’s visit to the US to save their lives.
The Chairperson said that the UN bodies and world powers should shun the duplicity and resolve the Kashmir dispute as per the UN agreed formula and according to aspirations of the people of Kashmir.

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