‘Eid Holiday Flexibility: “Bridging the Distance between Hearts”


Areeba Altaf

In a recent announcement, the government has declared Eid holidays on the 29th and 30th of June. However, these dates do not align with the actual Eid-ul-Adha celebration, which falls on the 29th of June (Thursday). As on Wednesday people have to attend their offices despite leaving for their native place, This poses a challenge for individuals who wish to celebrate Eid with their loved ones at their ancestral homes.Traditionally, people prefer to observe Eid at their family’s ancestral place, creating a strong sense of togetherness and honoring the importance of family bonds. Unfortunately, with the current holiday schedule, those who have traveled out of their province or even out of the country will face difficulties in reaching their homes in time for the festivities. Considering the significance of Eid celebrations and the desire for family reunion after long periods of separation, it is respectfully requested that the government extends the Eid holidays from the 27th or 28th of June to the 30th. This adjustment would allow individuals to celebrate Eid with their loved ones, regardless of their location or temporary settlement.It is essential to acknowledge that individuals who work and reside in different regions often make a special effort to return to their native places during the Eid festivities. This extended holiday period would facilitate their ability to do so, promoting unity and joy among families who have eagerly awaited this opportunity to come together. the government is urged to consider extending the Eid holidays to accommodate the traditional and heartfelt celebrations of Eid-ul-Adha. By extending the holidays from the 27th or 28th to the 30th of June, individuals will be able to partake in the joyous occasion of Eid alongside their loved ones. these religious and auspicious occasions always celebrated with families in Pakistan and happiness of get togetherness is a blessing for every person. govt should rectify his decision for it’s people and ensure that everybody should celebrate Eid festive with families.


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