Biting of dengue


Durdana Baloch

As you all know, it is summer and it is the time for flies reproduction so dengue is one of the type of flies which is mostly spreading in Balochistan. It is being the main source of killing the people. Dengue is just spreading because of the female dengue as it bites the people so it takes the blood from the human veins by its mouth so after taking the blood of human body as it’s food so it leaves a poisonous saliva by which it causes sickness, bones and joints pain. Yo feel laziness. when happen so you have to go to doctor for check because it can take the risk of your beautiful life. Mainly this dengue is spreading in turbat and which is killing many people. Even sometimes they don’t reach to the doctor and they die. Finally, it is the duty of government to find a simple solution to solve the dengue issue.


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