The Sun is about to Rise !


Mian Rashid Asghar

The Poet of East Allama Muhammad Iqbal said; The proof of the bright morning is the twinkling of the stars, the sun has risen from the horizon, the deep dream has gone away, the blood of life has flowed in the veins of the dead in the East,they cannot understand this secret, Sina and Farabi have made the Muslims Muslims, the storm of the West is turbulent, the river is the water of the gem. The gift to the believer is going to happen again from the shrine of truth . “Nowa ra taql ter mizan cho zouk-i nghama kum yabi” yearning in the courtyard of the fireplace, in the ashiyan, in the branches, cannot be separated from the mercury of the fate of the sea . Make me a bright lamp of desire and make every particle of Chaman a martyr. Undoubtedly, the Path of Guidance & Responsibility for Special Work is with Allah Almighty! Hopelessness is a sin & Allah Almighty helps those who help themselves. Let’s recall the William Wordsworth( A Poet of nature) says; Oh there is blessing in this gentle breeze, A visitant that while it fans my cheek, Doth seem half-conscious of the joy it brings, From the green fields, and from yon azure sky. Whate’er its mission, the soft breeze can come, To none more grateful than to me; escaped From the vast city, where I long had pined, A discontented sojourner: now free, Free as a bird to settle where I will. What dwelling shall receive me? in what vale , Shall be my harbour? underneath what grove Shall I take up my home? So when we are true and true to our ideology of Pakistan, surely we would sing and we will all now listen attentively to our national anthem and prayer, which we have been singing and listening to, in our educational institutions since the birth of Pakistan & these melodious voices shall resonate in India soon on the liberation of occupied Kashmir, because this ideology of Pakistan has been and will continue to reflect Pakistan in the whole world soon now. This country is free and all its institutions will remain free and transparency is our goal and principle. Hazrat Muhammad ( PBUH) said: O, Ali, if there is a servant of God equal to the age of Noah Worship and spend charity like the mountain of Uhud in the path of Allah, and swell on foot between Safah & Marwah to die in the midst of oppression, but oh Ali, if your love is not in his heart, then he is in heaven ?so he will not be able to smell the fragrance of heaven ! (Samra al-Hayat Balad 2403) Nation keenly desires to know the contributions of various institutions, organizations and all types of groups/ parties in implementing the ideology of of Pakistan. Striving towards its practical implementation was our first and foremost duty & actually it was our real defence near Allah Almighty. Those who don’t learn from the history, they are unable to govern the state and lead the people as a leader. Societies in the world never accept rules of cruelty or suppression & when suppression scales up, Allah Almighty creates the balance. A state coordinates with justice & where justice is made a funny toy then be sure that the destination is the destruction which has been initiated after a time waiting. The Prophet ( SAW) said, “If there were to be a prophet after me, indeed he would be ‘Umar, son of Khattab.” History does not produce men like ‘Umar often. He was a person from whom truth flowed naturally; a man of intuition, he was on his way to kill the Prophet (peace be upon him) and ended up accepting Islam! His love for Allah and his deen was so great, while all the other Muslims were hiding their Islam, he was ready to proclaim it. The Prophet (peace be upon him) called him, Al-Farooq, the one who clearly distinguishes the truth from falsehood. Satan had given up on ‘Umar (RA). The Prophet said, “O son of Khattab, by the one in whose hand is my soul, whenever Satan sees you taking a path, then he will take another path.” When the enemies of Allah would hear about ‘Umar (RA), their knees would weaken and their hearts would tremble. One of the key qualities of ‘Umar ibn al Khattab which exemplified his character was social justice. For him, social justice meant redistribution of power and income in such a way that, when introduced at the lowest level, it spreads upward to all the reaches of society. He established the pillars of justice, Al Adl, The first social policy infrastructure is found in all of history to be set up by ‘Umar (RA). The concept of Bait ul maal was established by him (radhiAllahu anhu). He would roam the streets of medina at night to help his people. The foundation of child benefit or children allowance, meaning every child gets benefit every week to keep them afloat, followed by the west today was initially set by him. One night ‘Umar went on his rounds as usual when he heard the voice of a baby crying. ‘Umar stood outside the house for some time, but when the baby did not stop crying he knocked at the door and was admitted inside the house. He saw that a woman held a small baby in her lap and the baby continued to cry. ‘Umar turned to the lady and said, “What sort of mother are you? The baby is crying, and you do not feed it with your milk!” The woman said, “Go and ask ‘Umar as to what sort of Caliph he is! He has ordained that a child would not get a stipend until it was weaned. In order to secure the stipend for our child we are trying to wean it.” ‘Umar (radhiAllahu anhu) told the woman “Feed your baby with your milk, and rest assured you will get the stipend for your baby even though it is not weaned.” The following day in Fajr Salah, ‘Umar cried so much that the Sahaba said we could not understand what he was reciting and after he had finished he passed orders that stipends would be allowed for children from their date of birth. People came from faraway lands to seek the justice of ‘Umar (radhiAllahu anhu). Ibn Abd Al-Hakim reported: Anas, May Allah be pleased with him, said that a man from the people of Egypt came to ‘Umar ibn Al-Khattab and said, “O leader of the believers, I seek refuge in you from injustice!” ‘Umar replied, “You have sought someone willing.” The man said, “I competed with the son of Amr ibn Al-‘As and I won, but he started striking me with a whip and saying: I am the son of the dignified!” Upon this, ‘Umar wrote to Amr ordering him to travel to him with his son. He came with his son and ‘Umar said, “Where is the Egyptian?” He gave him the whip and told him to strike the son of Amr. The man started striking him while ‘Umar was saying, “Strike the son of the illiterates!” Anas said, “By Allah, the man struck him and we loved his striking, and he did not stop until we wished he stopped.” Then ‘Umar said to the Egyptian, “Direct it to Amr.” The Egyptian said, “O leader of the believers, it was only his son who struck me and I have settled the score.” ‘Umar said to Amr, “Since when did you enslave the people though they were born from their mothers in freedom?” Amr said, “O leader of the believers, I did not know about this and he did not tell me.” In 637 CE, Jerusalem offered a truce, provided that the Khalifa come himself from Medina to sign the treaty. ‘Umar (radhiAllahu anhu) set out for Jerusalem with a slave and a camel. No retinue accompanied the Caliph. The slave and he would take turns riding the camel and they also gave the camel time off from carrying either passenger. When they approached Jerusalem, ‘Umar (radhiAllahu anhu) was walking and had to cross through muddy ground, as a result of which his feet and clothes got mud on them. When ‘Umar (radhiAllahu anhu) entered Jerusalem, he was holding the rope of his camel leading it and his clothes were patched and muddy. Abu Ubaidah (radhiAllahu anhu), the commander in chief of the Muslim army and himself a very pious man, suggested that he change his clothes so that the people of Jerusalem, accustomed to the pomp and grandeur of kings and emperors, were not dissuaded from handing the keys of Jerusalem over to him. ‘Umar (radhiAllahu anhu) hit him hard on the chest and reminded him that they had been a disgraced nation. What had brought them honour and elevated them was Islam; should they seek honor from anything else, they would surely be humiliated again. “The only way for success is the way of the Holy Prophet” he said. When the people of Jerusalem saw ‘Umar’s simplicity they started crying. Such was his sense of justice, He would sleep beneath a tree peacefully unguarded and it was only this quality which enabled him to do so. In the year of Ar ramadah 18th year after hijrah, the year the Muslims were hit by famine, 60,000 refugees came to Medina and ‘Umar (radhiAllahu anhu) would himself carry oil and food to the people and whenever he would see that the people were deprived of something he would deprive himself of that as well, if they didn’t have meat he would deprive himself from meat if they didn’t have oil he would deprive himself from oil to the extent that the Sahaba feared he would die. He would say, “How can I be a shepherd when I am not struck with what my flock is struck with.” Even before his death at the hands of the man Abu lulu al majoosi, he said some words to ‘Umar (radhiAllahu anhu) from which the caliph understood that he meant to kill him but he did not take action because it was against his sense of justice to punish a man just for his words. Imam Ahmad Ibn Hanbal records a hadith narrated upon the authority of Sayyiduna Qabisah ibn Jaabir who said: “I haven’t seen anyone more knowledgeable about the book of Allah and His religion, nor anyone more upholding of the limits imposed by Allah, nor anyone more feared and respected in the breasts of men than ‘Umar ibn Al-Khattab. He was a just leader unparalleled by any other from the time he accepted Islam to his death. He was Al-Farooq. – by Asad bin Muhammad It encouraged me to learn Quran and Sunnah, and act upon those teachings in my life. It must be concentrated that the followers of Hazrat Umar ( RA) will remain alive till the dooms day & societal system would gain balance.


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