Zahid Bakhtawari, rejects orders to close shops at 8 PM

RAWALPINDI,  (Parliament Times)  : The Divisional President of Markazi Tanzem e Tajran Rawalpindi Division, Zahid Bakhtawari, rejected the orders to close the shops at 8 PM and warned the Government that Where would it be wise to lose ten billion dollars in revenue to save only one billion dollars? Early Closing of shopping malls, establishments will paralyze our economy. This decision is not acceptable for Business community in any way. They refuse to accept orders that crush the country’s economy. If orders are forced upon us, we will be forced to protest. The Government itself will be responsible for the results.

He said this during an emergency meeting called on video link by the government to close the shops at eight o’clock in the night. In which all Tehsil and District members participated. Who strongly supported the decision of Divisional President Zahid Bakhtawari and rejected the government orders. During addressing the members in the important meeting, Zahid Bakhtawari said that the business community is already suffering in economic severe crisis. Mostly citizens prefer to shopping in the evening hours rather than the hot afternoons of June 2023. How wise would it be to close the business at these times? Instead of giving relief to the business community in the incoming budget, the government is causing further increase in their business difficulties. This situation before the budget. What will happen to us after the budget? We are well aware that the tax payers is the one who has to go through the knife. Business hours should be in effect till 11 pm in summer and 10 pm in winter. The government should take the business community into confidence before taking such decisions in the wider interest of the country.

Divisional President Zahid Bakhtawari said that the government will harm the country’s economy to save one billion dollars. The government does not understand this at all. The government will face a loss of ten billion dollars in revenue due to premature closure of the business. The government ignored billions of rupees revenue tax to save only one billion dollars. The government should acknowledge the fact that the Federal Board of Revenue (FBR) is already facing a shortfall in terms of tax. Such measures will further increase the shortfall. This will also severely affect the business of the business community. Businesses will close down and will get even less. The country will suffer further economic depression, for which the government will be responsible. Then the only solution will be to slaughter the merchants and collect taxes from their blood. Zahid Bakhtawari warned the government that if we were subjected to heavy burdens, If our businesses are closed, we will be forced to take the path of protest, the constitutional path will be taken to get our rights.

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