Tobacco Harms & Prevention Measures

Aqsa Rana

Tobacco use is undoubtedly damaging to one’s health, posing several risks to both users and those exposed to secondhand smoke. Despite the established health risks, smoking among students and young people remains very frequent due to a variety of causes. Some of the reasons for its popularity among students are as follows:

1. Peer pressure: Students are frequently subjected to peer pressure in order to fit in or be accepted by their social group. Smoking may be viewed as a method to comply, appear mature, or rebellious.

2. Stress and coping mechanisms: Academic difficulties, personal challenges, and emotional stress are all common experiences for students. Some people may turn to smoking to deal with these demands or for brief relief.

4. Lack of awareness: Some students may not completely appreciate the long-term health repercussions of smoking.They may regard smoking as a transient habit, unaware of its addictive nature and probable problems in quitting. In Pakistan there are almost 41% tobacco consumers, which is not so friendly for the health or for the environment as well. To address this issue, Every year on 31st May world No Tobacco Day get observed, it is an occasion to raise awareness about the dangers of tobacco usage and encourage people to quit smoking. On this day, the following precautions can be taken: 1.Education and awareness: Implement educational programmes and initiatives to educate people about the health consequences of smoking.Use multiple channels to communicate information and raise awareness, such as schools, workplaces, and social media.

2.Tobacco-free policies: Advocate for the introduction and enforcement of severe tobacco control measures, such as smoke-free regulations in public places, prohibitions on cigarette advertising and promotion. Engage youth: Implement comprehensive tobacco prevention programmes in schools to discourage young people from using tobacco. These programmes can educate kids on the dangers of smoking, teach them how to refuse cigarettes, and encourage healthy lifestyle choices.Keep in mind that efforts to prevent tobacco use and promote a smoke-free society should go beyond World No Tobacco Day. Continued knowledge and action are critical in battling tobacco’s detrimental effects and assisting individuals on their path to live smoke-free life.

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