Food Department says wheat procurement campaign is continuing till achievement of the set goals

Sahiwal, (Bureau Report) : According to the details, food inspectors Rao Shakeel Ahmed, Malik Shehbaz and Wasim Mustafa of the Food Department have said that the wheat procurement campaign is continuing till the achievement of the set goals and till the farmers who have been provided with the bardana are purchased. The purchase centers will remain open – Farmers should sell their crops at the purchase centers instead of selling them to the farmers so that they can get full compensation – he told reporters in his joint statement at PR Center Ghaziabad, PR Center Nurshah, Flag Center Kadirabad. He further said that storing wheat in homes is a crime against which the Department of Agriculture is taking action and no pressure is being taken into consideration, so let us fulfill our national responsibility by giving wheat to the Food Department. Finally, he said that the target Shopping is in progress until fulfilled

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