Fire-fighting exercise conduct after mock accident on Airport runway

Mian Rashid Asghar.

FAISALABAD: A fire-fighting exercise was conducted after a mock accident on the Airport runway and the purpose of the exercise was to test the preparedness of all organizations that participate in a real emergency. In the domestic departure lounge, before the exercise there the initial briefing was held. Participation of all concerned civil/administrative departments including ASF, PAF and all GHAs was ensured. Edhi Ambulance, and CAA, and all Sectional Heads of the Airport also ensured full participation to demonstrate this set up proving fruitfully. Additionally, airlines, doctors, rescue 1122, civil defense also participated in the exercise. The mock accident was depicted by a fire in the runway compound and the timely control effort was also appreciated. The fire brigade and CAA fire vehicles proved that it is possible to assess and combat any emergency situation by controlling the fire in time under the SOPs. CAA Medical Team, 1122 Rescue Services, EOD Tea

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