Professor Dr. Bashir Ahmed says education leads a person to success.

CHARSADDA, (Special Representative) : According to Global Times Media Europe,Vice Chancellor of Bacha Khan University Charsadda Professor Dr. Bashir Ahmed said that education leads a person to success.In today’s era, success cannot be imagined without education.He said that the acquisition of education is the duty of both men and women. For the acquisition of education,qualified teachers are also very important,who help students in obtaining higher education.The primary responsibility of a teacher is to educate children.Vice Chancellor of Bacha Khan University, Charsadda,Professor Dr. Bashir Ahmed in a newspaper statement with the international Global Times Media Europe,said that a teacher is not one who simply reads four books and takes some classes and gets rid of his duties,But a teacher is the one who awakens the secret abilities of students and enriches them with awareness,understanding, knowledge as well as the wealth of thought and vision.He further said that those teachers who fulfill their responsibilities in the best way,Then their students will always remain loyal to them till their last breath.

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