Pakistan, the best destination for Tourism


Javed Ullah Raja
Pakistan is a very beautiful country for tourism; tourists’ from all over the world come to visit
Pakistan. Pakistan's beauty, history, cultural heritage and national ideals as well as its landscapes
and spectacular tourist destinations have been attracting tourists from all over the world for
years. Pakistan is known worldwide for its great beauty. Various tourist places of Pakistan
including Murree, Swat, Chitral, Neelam, Skardu, Telar, Taxila, Shandur Lake, Miandam,
Bonny, Kalash Valley and Ayubia in Galiat in Malakand and Hazara divisions. The environment
of the hilly areas refreshes the eyes and soothes the heart. Therefore, people around the world
recognize that Pakistan is the best destination for tourism, where tourists can witness various
historical, cultural and attractive natural scenes during their travels. This country has many
interesting places for tourists like Neelum Valley, Narran, Kagan, Kalam, Hunza, Kalash,
Chitral, Gawadar, Karachi, Lahore, Islamabad, and Murree hiking track, Badshahi Mosque and
Fort of Lahore, Shalimar garden and many more. Gasherbrum in Karakoram which is 8068 metre
and K-2 which is 8611 metre high. Nanga Parbat in the Himalayas which is 8125 meters high.
Apart from this there are many other peaks which are famous all over the world. Traditional
foods and shopping in provinces of Pakistan is also a source of interest for tourists from all over
the world. At the present time, there are bright prospects for the further development of the
tourism sector between the two countries through the Khunjarab land route between Pakistan and
China.There are numerous archaeological sites in Pakistan, the most famous of which are Mohan
Jo Daro, Harappa, Taxila, Kot Daji, Taxila, Takht Bai, Sarai Kot and Bhimbar, which give us an
insight into the life, art and architecture of ancient times. About, architecture leads to learning
about the history of science and philosophy. Mohan Jo Daro, Taxila and Harappa there are many
monuments of ancient civilization including buildings, tombs, mosques, cemeteries and ancient
types of tools. Many other cities of Pakistan are also full of monuments of ancient civilization
like ancient city of Lahore, Shahi Qila, Badshahi Masjid. Masjid Wazir Khan and Masjid
Mohabbat Khan in Peshawar. Takht Bahaduri which is located in Sindh, this place reminds of
the era of Muhammad Bin Qasim. The specialty of Pakistani cuisine is its texture and taste which
adds to the beauty of tourist tourism as the traditional dishes of its provinces and their flavors are
unmatched anywhere in the world. Mustard greens, lassi, chickpea and potato parathas. In
Sindhi, Sindhi Biryani, Barbari Kebab and Sindh Sour Potatoes. Saji, Dum Pukhta and Pahari
Kebab of Balochistan. Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Naan, Maize Roti Saag, Chipli Kebab, Kabuli Pulau
and Bannu Pulau are famous for their flavors. In addition, the country offers an economical
accommodation, excellent shopping and other services. Since Pakistan is an Islamic country,
people here are hospitable. Hospitality is an important part of Pakistani culture, and its citizens
treat citizens of any other country with great respect and are happy to meet them. And do not
hate anyone. This attitude of Pakistani people is no less than a natural capital for the
development of the tourism sector. Hospitality is very important in the culture and traditions of
the people of Pakistan and they welcome their guests. The tourism industry in Pakistan has been
suffering from corona and internal disturbances and terrorism for the past few years. Pakistan
Tourism Development Corporation (PTDC) is a government agency of Pakistan that works for
the development of Pakistan and the betterment of the country’s tourists. The history of Pakistan
Tourism Development Corporation is older than World Travel and Tourism Council (WTTC) the
establishment of the World Travel and Tourism Council began in the 1980s and was officially
established in the 1990s, while the Pakistan Tourism Corporation was established on March 30,

1970. The responsibilities of the Pakistan Tourism Corporation include tourism in Pakistan.
Development includes measures for development. Improvement in the country’s education and
health, trade development, services for overseas Pakistanis and other important sectors. The
objective of this corporation is to make Pakistan famous as a tourist destination around the
world. The organization provides services such as provision of tour packages, tourist guides, and
organization of tour expeditions as the Pakistan Tourism Corporation (PTDC) promotes the
development of Pakistan’s tourism. And is designed to increase publicity. Is engaged in efforts to
build, develop and provide the best facilities to the tourist destinations of Pakistan. Information
about history, culture, language, food and other tourist interests of Pakistan is provided through
this organization. The objective of the organization is to build and develop tourist destinations,
provide opportunities for tourists in the country, organize tourism events and fairs in the country,
highlight the importance of Pakistan at the international level. Tourism development includes the
establishment of hotels, restaurants, amusement parks, swimming pools, tracking sports areas,
tour packages and transport for tourist facilities at various locations. The countries of the world
are getting a lot of capital from the tourism sector. The importance of Pakistan for the tourists of
the countries of the world is also due to the fact that the currency of this country is very low
compared to the countries around the world. Therefore, a citizen of any country can visit
Pakistan despite their limited resources and income. Therefore, our institution and government
need to further develop the tourism sector. A country rich in natural treasures should be
highlighted among the countries of the world. Because it will earn a lot of foreign exchange and
people will also get employment. As according to statistics reported by the World Travel and
Tourism Council (WTTC), in 2017, the tourism sector contributed about $19.4 billion to
Pakistan’s economy, 3.079 billion in 2021 while WTTC expects it to grow to $36.1 billion. In
the future, tourism sector can be expected to increase Pakistan’s foreign exchange every
year.There are many interesting places for tourism in Pakistan which should be developed in the
best ways. Apart from this, exchange of tourism with Pakistan from foreign countries will
increase the foreign exchange of the country. A large number of tourists from America, Europe
and other countries used to visit the northern regions for tourism. Samuel Johnson and Adam
Salopardo, two tourist friends, named Pakistan as the most beautiful country in the world after
visiting 20 countries of the world. The development of the tourism sector will also bring foreign
exchange to the country and people will also get employment.Although various measures are
being taken by the government of Pakistan for the development of the tourism industry. Such as
organizing tourism programs, local fairs and other events in the country. Apart from this,
development projects have been initiated to improve the locations of various cities of Pakistan,
are signs of improvement in the tourism industry. Pakistan’s tourism industry still has many
shortcomings, such as deteriorating law and order situation and disruption of industries. Apart
from the natural, aesthetic, historical, religious heritage, Pakistan has many romantic areas that
attract the attention of tourists from all over the world. The National Institute of Heritage and
Culture has the responsibility to ensure the preservation of historical heritage and places. And to
maintain the importance of heritage objects over time as these historical buildings are damaged
due to climate change and other physical effects. Conservation, restoration and renovation
measures are essential to save and restore them as heritage is our precious capital. Although
modifications are necessary to adapt heritage buildings to new uses, the heritage value of the
object should not be compromised so that current and future generations of history buffs can
benefit from it.

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