World Press Freedom Day, we forget journalist Arshad Sharif, a role model for us all in journalism

Mian Rashid Asghar.
FAISALABAD: On the eve of World Press Freedom Day, least we forget journalist Arshad Sharif, a role model for us all in journalism !
Journalists while participating in the rally held outside the District Council on the occasion of World Press Freedom Day expressed that they have no fear but Allah Almighty.
The pen is mightier than the sword & speak eye to eye or ask for your right comes only to him, who has the courage to hold the sword in his hand, said Abdul Majid photojournalist (AP) on World Press Freedom Day.

Furthermore, Muhammad Naseem Shah Central Assistant Secretary General, Pakistan Federal Union of Journalists ( Dastoor) expressed that, Societal individuals have paid tributes Salutations to all the journalist brothers Whose pen has always been the voice of truth and the oppressed persons.

He elaborated that If the function of Media/ Journalism is shut down sheer for 24 hours, the entire country might be shut down in darkness to loot each and everyone with bag and bagage even no one will be able to hear the news.

Shahid Ali President Faisalabad Press Club, on this occasion of May 3rd which is recognised as the World Press Freedom Day expressed, Let us pledge to promote the honest and peaceful journalism to smoothen the atmosphere of the humanity and society.
Journalists would play their role for the construction and development of the country as well as promoting the prosperity collectively and individually.
Adding further, Shahid said, UNESCO made recommendations to celebrate this day through Resolution No. 4.3 / C 26 of its twenty-sixth session of the General Conference held in Paris on October 15 – November 7, 1991. The United Nations General Assembly gave formal approval to celebrate this day. Thus, the celebration of this day started in 1993. He pointed out that, almost all recognized countries are members of the United Nations. Currently, the number of member countries of the United Nations is 193. Some have been members of the United Nations since its inception, and others have joined over time. The only recognized country in the world that is not a member of the United Nations is Vatican City. But it has a special status in the United Nations and can become a member whenever it wants. A country like Switzerland also became a member in 2002. Countries that are not yet recognized, such as Palestine, are not granted full membership but have observer status and can participate in UN assemblies, although they cannot vote.

Mian Rashid Asghar pointed out that, make it sure , a journalist strives to make the society better by moving into to the depths of the Ocean, the majestic mountainside, bearing negative temperatures and intense heating & fighting against the bloodthirsty beasts found in the forests or society. He further informed that a journalist finds each & everything for the survival and well-being of the humanity.
He thinks about the social life could become easier.
Therefore, it should be noted that a journalist is a real patriot, but also a lover of humanity, who tries to show the right path to the society with a candle in his hands.
Mian added further in his expression that a Journalist promises to give shelter to the community base while weathering the storm.
He takes an oath with the entire society that he determines the direction by examining the ups and downs in the society.
Therefore, having the aptitude of examining the whole world in a scientific manner proves to be helpful in creating ease to everyone.
But a society in which journalistic aspects are suppressed, those societies can never develop.

Sajjad Haider Munna President Faisalabad Union of Journalists ( Dastoor) said that, journalism is recognised as the fourth Piller but this Piller has specific qualities in which it furnishes itself and other Pillers providing the information containing accuracy and completeness of the most important things.
Journalism is the major part of socialization.
It is a fact that human infants are born without any culture yet. When a baby is born, socialization takes place in order for him to have a culture based on what his parents and his environment would teach him.
Journalism is the part and parcel of socialization.

He further pointed out that, Socialization is the process of knowing another person`s culture and learning how to live within it. When we talk about culture, we are referring to the totality of moral norms, values, language, attitudes and other aspects comprising a society. All of us have roles to accomplish within our society, and socialization helps us to harbor knowledge and skills to satisfy these societal roles.

Journalism needs to clutch the phenomenon of Socialization which is an important part of the process of personality formation in every individual. It is true that genetics is the reason behind the structure of human personality, but socialization is the one that causes this personality to be molded to specific directions through the process of accepting or rejecting beliefs, attitudes and societal norms. Because of the dynamics in socialization, we tend to have different personalities although we are living in the same society. For example, the Yanomamo Indians living on the border area between Brazil and Venezuela tend to train the younger generation of boys to become aggressive and strong. On the other hand, the Semai tribe living on the central Malay Peninsula in Malaysia does not like violence and hostility. This is why the younger generation of boys is trained to become gentle and peace-loving.

Hamid Yaseen President Faisalabad Union of Journalists ( Barna) expressed that Journalism teaches how a child learns the values, norms and behaviors that should be displayed in order to live accordingly to a specific culture.
So occurrence of exclusiveness is due to promoting the journalism. when a person learns an appropriate behavior to be displayed within a smaller group which is still part of a larger society. The changes within the values, attitudes and beliefs of an individual are seen to be less important than the changes made in him as he participates in the larger society.
Journalism involves a learning process wherein the focus in on developing our social skills.
Example: A shy senior high school student starts to teach English to new freshmen students in order to develop verbal communication.

It refers to the process wherein a person practices or rehearses for future social relationships.

Journalism has resocialization which involves rejecting previous behavior patterns and accepting new ones so the individual can shift from one part of his life to another. Resocialization is said to be happening throughout human life cycle.

He further referred to the Australian Prime Minister was talking to the media when the owner of the house in front came out and said, Mr. Prime Minister, these people are standing on my grass, move them back, and the Prime Minister stopped talking and pushed the media representatives back and the landlord thanked the Prime Minister and went back inside.
If it was Pakistan, there would have been police presence in the entire area. Secondly, the landlord would also be happy that the Prime Minister is in front of my house. The third is that someone would have picked up this man by now if you had this courage !
Naseer Yousaf Vohra President Central Cloth Board Itehad Pakistan applauded the role of journalists who perform their duties with insight & they are recognised as eagles with eagle eyes.
Vohra demanded that UNO must frame international laws facilitating the press because a free press means a free nation & the world has become a global village where a journalist is free in his professional obligations.

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