District South Waziristan Lower arrange various events regarding Labour Day yesterday in Wana

By Noor Ali Wazir

Wana: In District South Waziristan Lower also arranged various events regarding Labour Day yesterday in Wana, in which gatherings were held regarding legitimate rights of workers.
The first event in this regard, with the coloaboaration of Youth Office SW, Deputy Commissioner Lower South Waziristan Muhammad Nasir led a rally in Wana Bazar and expressed solidarity with the workers regarding the International Labor Day.

Deputy Commissioner South Waziristan Lower Muhammad Nasir Khan in the rally, District Youth Officer Sardar Ali Wazir, tribal elders, Ullamas and local elected representatives besides common people participated in large numbers.
On this occasion, Deputy Commissioner of Lower South Waziristan Muhammad Nasir said that we should take special care of the rights of workers and labours.

Because Labour has a great role in our environment, labor is playing a key role in the construction and development of the country by shedding its blood and sweat, But
celebrating Labour Day on May 1st reminds us of the workers/ Labours we have to take special care of the Labourers workers.

Apart from this, political parties, lawyers and social activists also arranged in Wana Bazar, the headquarter of Lower Waziristan, on Labour Day.

In which a large number of ordinary people participated, who expressed solidarity with the workers/Labours on International Labor Day, and talked about the protection of workers’ rights.

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