By Mian Rashid Asghar

Societal System in the whole world remains progressive due to the labourer but unconsciously we continuingly ignore their needs and necessities ?

” Do not weigh the greatness of the laborer in the scales,
The laborer has been invaluable in every age.Our workers, our brothers and we salute the majesty of our brothers who work for building the nation in all respect.The labor in Pakistan is still a victim of exploitation ? and care them carelessly.

In your hands comprising of your comforts and these comforts are by the dint of the hands and sweat of a laborer, so give him back some part of the comforts and comforts he successfully give you continuously, and this is the principle of equity & humanity.

A strong economy is directly related to the strength of the labor force. In countries where the economy is stable, labourers’ rights are rarely violated and even a common man gets some kind of labor comfortably, but in preview of the billions of people from Pakistan have been staying abroad for the purpose of labor for years because they have utilizing their resources, but we have more resources naturally but these resources have been neglected? and are forced to work abroad.
We present unprecedented examples of celebrating International Labour Day, but unfortunately we have not been able to protect and determine their rights because we have not realized them according to Islam & as per civilised societies.
A rickshaw driver derives from his 30-year experience that no one has done as much damage to this beloved country as the capitalist has done.
When a poor man asked for a loan of 100 rupees from people with long cars and the most expensive mobiles, he was scolded.
The owners of the mills will order the most expensive food to eat and what is left over is thrown away, but which worker will not be told that there is left over and you should eat it?

Poet of East Allam Muhammad Iqbal’s sayings; You are Muslim! This is the style of Islam!
Haidari is the wealth of the Ottoman Empire What is your spiritual relationship with the ancestors?

They were the Muslim in their time,
And you are disgraced by being the forsakes of the Qur’an.

Here the word laborer is generally used by us for those who carry materials, soil, sacks of cement, bricks, etc., and carry out construction work on houses, buildings, roads and other works, while the experts in the same work are called masons and artisans etc. is called by the word The work of a laborer is called labor, which is also defined as kasab or action in Arabic. If we look at the literal and terminological meaning, then every work that is paid in return is considered as labor.

There is not a single class or sector in the world that does not have a moderate and timely guidance in Islamic teachings. There is clear guidance in Islamic teachings regarding workers, employees, wage earners and subordinates. The religion of Islam has given rights to the workers like the people belonging to every class of life, i.e. payment of the rights of the workers, giving the reward for their labor and hard work on time, taking work from them according to their strength, in taking work. Acting with kindness, compassion and humanity etc.

There is a great saying of the beloved Muhammad ( peace and blessings be upon him) , regarding the good treatment of workers: Do not oblige them (i.e. slaves, hired workers and laborers) with so much work that it exceeds their strength, if you do so, Help them too.

He took the work before the laborer and when it was the turn to pay the labor and wages, a dispute arose. The laborer demands more, the worker gives less. If you hire a hired man, tell him his wages in advance.

There is another hadith in the Holy Qur’an: The Prophet (peace and blessings of Allah be upon him) forbade the laborer from taking up work before the wages were clearly communicated to him.

While warning those who do not pay the wages of the workers, he said: Allah Almighty says: I will face three people on the Day of Resurrection (i.e. I will give a severe punishment): 1) A person who makes a promise in my name and then makes a promise. (2) A person who sells a free person and then eats his price (3) A person who hired a laborer and then took the work from him but did not give him his wages.

Paying the laborer’s wages on time is very important both morally and Shariah wise, the Holy Prophet (peace and blessings of Allah be upon him) encouraged him and said: Pay the laborer’s wages before his sweat dries up.The religion of Islam is at the forefront in providing financial and life security to the workers. The Prophet, peace and blessings of God be upon him, forbade killing those workers who have not come to fight even in war.

May Allah grant us the ability to pay the rights of workers and all rights holders in a timely and correct manner.

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