Sajid Hussain Toori announces increase in EOBI pension for workers

Khalid Sibtain

Islamabad : Federal Minister for Overseas Pakistanis Sajid Hussain Toori has announced increase in the EOBI pension for workers. He said that the current government is planning to establish an exclusive university for the children of workers.
Toori made these announcements while speaking at an event jointly organized by Pakistan Workers Association, Pakistan Federal Union of Journalists and National Press Club to commemorate the International Labor Day. Hundreds of worker and union leaders from different parts of the country participated in the event and highlighting the challenges faced by labor class in the country.
On this occasion, the Chief Guest Federal Minister for Overseas Pakistanis Sajid Hussain Toori announced the decisions taken by the government to improve the life of labour class. He said that the government has decided to increase the amount of scholarship for school going children of workers from Rs 1,500 to Rs 6,000 in addition to increasing the amount reserved for the purchase of uniforms and stationary for the children.
Toori said that the Ministry has forwarded the summary of amendments in the EOBI law to the Cabinet in order to include journalists in EOBI ambit. “After the approval of these amendments in law, the families of journalists would be able to utilize all educational and health care related facilities provided to workers under EOBI.”
The Federal Minister also shed light on the history of worker friendly initiatives taken by the previous governments of Pakistan People’s Party and vowed to continue the journey of standing with worker’s rights.
On this occasion, President Pakistan Workers Association and CDA Workers Union Chaudhry Yasin said that the current unstable political situation and inflation had a direct impact on the workers. He demanded the government to increase the salaries of workers in the upcoming budget in relation with the increase in inflation rate. He also urged the government to give permanent status to all contract employees and set up welfare fund for journalists.
President Pakistan Federal Union of Journalists Afzal Butt paid tribute to the workers in Chicago who, on May 1, 1886, gave their lives to limit the work hours for the workers. “Labor Day reminds us to continue our collective struggle for the rights of labor class that actually runs the country,” he said while emphasizing that the only for to economically develop the country to protect the worker’s rights. He demanded the government to increase the minimum wage level considering the current increase in inflation rate. He urged all union workers to get united and initiate a movement for worker’s rights.
The event was addressed by the union leaders from all across the country.

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