Contact made with PTI, Khawaja Asif discloses


ISLAMABAD: Defence minister Khawaja Asif has disclosed that contact has been made with PTI.

” a contact has been made with PTI today. It has been agreed by both that contact will be made again after Eid ul Fitr. We will not release funds for polls in Punjab. We will see contempt of court matter when it comes, he said this while talking to private TV channel here Friday.

He went on to say we will not accept court’s dictation on negotiations. We will hold talks on our own will. we will start talks from 2018 election.

“Being parliamentarian we have to protect our powers. Parliament has prohibited us from providing funds. We prefer 4-3 decision. We don’t accept 3-2 decision. We are appearing only for the sake of respect of the court’. he remarked.
If talks are held then we will start them from 2018 election.. Not only holding election in 90 days is written but it is also written elections be held in one day. It should be clear to all that constitution has its roots in parliament, he added.

What can be more injustice than what is being done at present, he said adding will Supreme Court give agenda for talks.

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