Syed Mehdi Naqvi host iftar dinner for entire personnel of Cantt Board Attock

ATTOCK:  Prominent socio-political figure of the district Member Cantonment Board Attock Syed Mehdi Naqvi while hosting an iftar dinner for the entire personnels of the Cantt Board Attock has said that one who offered an dip of water to break fast his thirsty brother during the Holy month of Ramazan would be rewarded by Allah Almighty at the day resurrection with great honour and fervour. Among others, the iftar dinner was also attended by Vice Chairman Cantt Board Sanjwal Mr. Salman Iqbal, Vice Chairman CB Attock Mr. Shakeel Khan Bangash, SSO Major Mahboob, CB Member Ejaz Masih ,active journalist Bureau Chief Attock Syed Qammar Abbas Jaffri as well as elites of the area. Speaking on the occasion, Syed Mehdi Naqvi highlighting the salient features of Ramazanul Mubarak has said that the Muslims Umma are the most respectful in this world who were revealed with Holy Quran and his beloved prophet Hazarat Mohammad (PBUM) by Allah Almighty to follow the right path during our life. He said the Holy Quran will recommend before Allah for abode in Jannah for us in recognition of our good deeds and fasting purely for the sake of Allah. Syed Mehdi Naqvi said being a Muslims we have also shared the extra load of inflation and distributed food package among the deserving people to overcome their sufferings. At the end, he also welcomed all the participants with a collective prayer to Allah Almighty to steer the country from the prevailing political, economic and constitutional juncture being faced now a days.

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