Only full court can carve out way, otherwise repentance, only repentance: Khurshid Shah


ISLAMABAD: Federal Minister Syed Khurshid Shah has said the constitutional crisis has engulfed the country and now only full court otherwise there will be repentance.

” neither any institution is left nor any person to resolve the political and constitutional crisis. we have reached blind street. if any way can be devised, it is only full court. The judiciary should find way through full court to come out of the constitutional crisis.

” tik tik of the cloak starts when political and constitutional issues enter into blind alley. Experience is telling the time is very short. Any thing can happen if no solution is found. if some thing wrong happens then the key institutions will be responsible, he added.

stubbornness and ego have drifted the country into this quagmire. It is deplorable that instead of addressing the political crisis, severe political crisis has been created, he underlined.

If the responsibility of the political crisis has to be fixed then it should be started from General Pasha. General Pasha, Gen Zahir ul Islam and Gen Faiz all promoted Imran Khan. Imposing Imran Khan is real base of deterioration in the country, he underscored.

I am saying repeatedly if supreme court does not carve out any way through full court then no way will be found.

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