Syed Sikandar Nisar Gilani starts campaign to cover open sewers in communication routes,

Muzaffarabad, (Staff Reporter) : The base camp of Kashmir Freedom Movement is my birth place, I dedicate myself to jointly repay the debt of soil to my ancestors, this city is ours for its beauty, development and public prosperity. I will consult with all schools of thought. I grew up playing sports in the streets of this city. And to point out, while staying within its jurisdiction, the municipality will solve the problems by utilizing the limited resources, these views were expressed yesterday by the newly appointed mayor of Muzaffarabad municipality, Syed Sikandar Nisar Gilani, the busiest businessman in the city. He started a campaign to cover the open sewers in the communication routes, including the centers, streets, and markets. He removed the open sewers on the communication roads of the police line, Nalochhi, on the indications of the public. Apart from re-covering of covers, new covers are to be installed on these sewers Chaudhry Badr Munir, in-charge of the sanitation department, has been given free hand instructions that no sewer should be visible to the people in all the busiest business centers and markets, including streets and neighborhoods throughout the city. It should be completed in a week. He has also requested the cooperation of all schools of thought and said that the doors of the municipal office are open for everyone and the doors of my house are always open for everyone, point out any problem or collective problem. People will also see a clear change in the municipality.

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