PPP AJK not get presidency of Muzaffarabad division

Muzaffarabad, (Staff Reporter):  Unfair distribution of positions, ideologies and committed workers are badly neglected, the shine of the button has started to show. People’s Party Azad Kashmir could not get the presidency of Muzaffarabad division, according to the details, the Pakistan People’s Party, which has a major position in political parties, whose foundation was based on the people, and which was led by a woman Ms. Benazir Bhutto. But after her martyrdom, the women’s wing was badly neglected, the most victim of which was the Muzaffarabad division of Azad Kashmir. The President of Azad Kashmir Women’s Wing is Taqdees Geelani while the President of All Jammu and Kashmir Muslim Conference Women’s Wing Samia Sajid has been appointed. Whenever a movement arises, it starts from Muzaffarabad itself Muzaffarabad division has always played a key role in the ups and downs of political parties, but unfortunately, Pakistan People’s Party Women’s Wing could not preside over Azad Kashmir from Mirpur and Kotli, due to which even today Pakistan People’s Party Women The Wing appears to have failed miserably and has not been able to carve out the place among women that women in other political parties have.

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