Padre Pietro Riggi trying to serve humanity &his services will always be written in golden words in history

SICILY,(Report by Chief Ikramuddin) : According to Global Times Media Europe,The religious leader of the well-known and popular Christian community in the city of Sicily Provincia Caltanissetta (CL) Italy,Padre Pietro Riggi has been trying to serve humanity and his services will always be written in golden words in history.His eternal services to humanity are not hidden from anyone.He has always played an important role in solving the problems and difficulties faced by foreign immigrants,which is highly commendable.The foreign immigrants living in sicilly said in a press statement with international global times media europe that they pay tribute to the religious leaders of the Christian community Padre Pietro Riggi for his eternal services to humanity.On this occasion,The religious leader Pietro Riggi said in his statement that service to humanity is our mission and goal.He said that we all need to agree and unite to serve humanity,Because serving humanity is our duty and important responsibility.

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