Mian Rashid Asghar praise international standard & arrangements of Serena Hotel during Iftar

Mian Rashid Asghar.
FAISALABAD: Sirena Faisalabad hotel where Alhaji Nasir Yusuf Wahra, Journalist Mian Rashid Asghar & senior photojournalist Abdul Majeed specially attended the grand iftar dinner. On this occasion, Serena General Manager Rashid-ud-Din, Sales and Marketing Director Nauman Shabbir welcomed cordially the fasting people. The business leader Mr Nasir Yusef Wahra has said that organizing Iftar dinner on the arrival of Ramadan in Sarina will be very useful for the citizens and businessmen of Faisalabad. While Mian Rashid Asghar praised the international standard & arrangements of Serena Hotel. He further said that the management of Serena Hotel has also made the best arrangements for Maghrib prayer. The General Manager Rasheed- Ud-Din has said that Serena will not only provide the best iftar facilities for the citizens in Ramadan, but will also serve the guests and organize programs about Ramadan for families. While there will be prizes for the fasting persons.
Further Keeping in view the economic conditions of the common person, Serena Faisalabad has arranged Aftaar Dinner Buffets on regular basis in lowest prices especially in this holy month of Ramzan where a common person can enjoy with his family.
Serena management has taken this step introducing a system to accommodate each and every person in special Ramzan Buffets in low rates.
In this regard new items have also been introduced so that in minimum rates the people may enjoy maximum tastes.
Hotel Management which is playing a key role in this regard. Rasheed-ud-Din, General Manager of Serena Hotel assured to many institutions including Shipco Transport Private Limited, National Bank, Bank of Punjab, Bank Al Habib, Chaudhary Travel, Sahar Oil, New Dairy Baz, White Cable, Hot Seven Hunza, Hazara Hotel & Restaurant and Real Test Restaurant to visit for Aftaar Dinner which would facilitate comparatively luxurious in low prices. Rasheed-ud-Din further said that in standard hotels can provide enjoyment to thousands of people’s minds in minimum sources. GM Rasheed-ud-Din said that hospitality and good food presentations are the values of Serena and there would be no compromise I future too.
In a meeting with media persons,Nasir Yusuf Wahra an elite business man said that political crisis has created boredom & unrest, high inflation and chaos have sunk the country’s economy where a common person has been reached out in such hotels luxurious environment because they are now facing hesitations due to high rates. He appreciated the Serena management in managing all and sundry to get benefit despite economic conditions and high rates in everything.
Although the economic situation is very bad, but Serena management has introduced such kinds of items to whom an ordinary person can enjoy all flavours and & tastes easily in low rates.
Naseer Wohra said that, All the attention of the rulers is on saving their own seats, while the problems of the common man have increased exponentially but a management of good strategies can facilitate. Prominent businessman Alhaj Naseer Yusuf Wahra President Cloth Board Ittehad Group Faisalabad has further elaborated that the avenues of investment in the country are almost closed. Pakistan is going through the worst economic crisis in its history, the wheels of Mills, factories and industries have stopped. There is desolation in the markets. According to the report, the statistics of the banks show that due to the worst economic conditions in Pakistan, capitalists are forced to keep their capital in the banks. According to the experts, the increase in bank deposits despite the tough economic conditions Challenges facing investment and trade in the country, he elaborated. According to statistics, the value of bank deposits reached 22 thousand 300 billion rupees in February 2023. In February of last year, bank deposits were at the level of 13 thousand 300 billion rupees, there was an increase of 15% in bank deposits in one year. He described that, according to experts, due to the reduction in economic activities, the ban on imports, the activities in the stock market are limited, the account capital is kept in banks on compelling reasons. Remember that in the economic context, the government from the banks, there has been a significant increase in indebtedness and the global rating agency. Moody’s has also downgraded the ratings of five major banks in the Gulf region, which are linked to the risk of Pakistan’s default.
He further said that the coalition statements of the political parties will not make any difference to scale up the economic development, rather the crack in the economy of Pakistan is becoming a serious situation ‘which is not being realized’.
There is a dire need of such a sincere leader in the country who can give relief to the people in real sense, otherwise we all are going to drown. He informed that, in fact Pakistan’s economy has stuck with worst conditions.
Nasir Wohra appreciated the Serena Hotel Faisalabad that has launched various types of food items which are in the access of ordinary person.
There is no need of reservation appropriate costs & fear of great Rates which have been minimised in the regard of Ramzan.
Wohra appreciated that despite floppy economic conditions, Serena Faisalabad hotel has not disappointed its customers on provision of various types and tastes of new items.

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