Dr. Sardar Muhammad Tahir says govt needs to take action on increasing human rights violations & by Indian in IIOJK

Mirpur (AJK), (Parliament Times) : Dr. Sardar Muhammad Tahir Tabassum former Advisor for human rights AJK and President of the Institute of Peace and Development INSPAD (an international organization active since 28 years for human rights and peace) has said that the increasing number of serious human rights violations and killings by the Indian government and forces in Occupied Kashmir. government and parliament should take immediate action to end the common. The patience of Kashmiris has now been exhausted, the issue of Kashmir should be raised in the International Court of Justice. He was talking to prominent religious scholar and social personality Maulana Dr. Akhtar-ul-Zaman Ghauri who came here from Britain. He said that political and religious parties should know that Kashmiris are fighting for the survival and security of Pakistan. Without the freedom of kashmir Pakistan is incomplete and unstable.Politicians should also pay attention to the security of the country. In current atmosphere of hatred and enmity, the country is facing more threats. Inflation and unrest is the problem of all of us. Politicians should solve all problems and disputes together with dialogue. If there is a tendency to be obstinate and conquer each other, then there may be many threats to the framework of democracy. He said that there is a need to create better strategies and effective institutions to solve the problems of Pakistanis living abroad. Those living outside the country are valuable for us and are the backbone of the country’s economy, he added. The nation understands very well that who is being made the nonsense statements and meaningless talks against the army. Politicians have to end the atmosphere of enmity and adopt tolerance, patience, otherwise the forces hostile to the country will become more powerful and the young generation will deteriorate further, they will lose the element of respect, he said that the country’s political And the economic situation is getting worse day by day and personal war of the politicians is not stopping. Those who make accusations and taunts are devoid of intelligence, maturity now save the people from this misery and refrain from such ignorant accusations and the government and Both the opposition should act with political awareness, wisdom and consciousness. The attitude of the justice system has also become a cause for concern.

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