Corruption in high bureaucracy not be stopped

Muzaffarabad, (Liaquat Bashir Farooqui) : Corruption in the high bureaucracy could not be stopped, Secretary Forests blew petrol diesel worth millions of rupees in a few months on fake bogs. Without taking the people into account, the Prime Minister of Azad Kashmir trampled underfoot the orders of the Prime Minister of Azad Kashmir on the unnecessary use of government vehicles and within a few months, petrol worth more than one million and fifty thousand rupees went up in smoke, according to media reports. Bills issued by Secretary Forests dated 3/10/2022 fifty thousand, 2/7/22 one lakh, 8/9/22 fifty thousand, 22/9/22 fifty thousand, 2/3/23 one 9/2/23 One Lakh, 17/10/22 Fifty Thousand, 18/8/22 Fifty Thousand, 20/12/22 Fifty Thousand, 28/9/22 Fifty Thousand, 4/10/22 Fifty Thousand 25/5/22 fifty thousand, 30/8/22 fifty thousand, 10/6/22 eighty thousand, 15/922 fifty thousand, 20/2/23 fifty thousand and 15/2/23 one lakh rupees petrol diesel What has been used, how can petrol and diesel of one lakh and fifty thousand be used in three to five days, this is the question which is called bogus by Wasuf. Rooney reveals the story, the media investigation team is shrinking to uncover more eye-opening facts.

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