PEW says IMF is being used as a weapon against Pakistan

Islamabad, (Parliament Times): The Pakistan Economy Watch (PEW) on Friday said the IMF is being used as a weapon against Pakistan.The ever-increasing demands of the international institution have left our government helpless, it said.IMF is ruining Pakistan’s economy by delaying the deal at the behest of some powers, said Dr. Murtaza Mughal, President of PEW.He said that the government has taken strict measures without caring about its political capital, but the IMF is not satisfied with this which points towards a possible conspiracy.It is an open secret that the IMF is a tool of imperialism that imposes neo-liberal policies on borrowing states resulting in poverty and inequality, he added.He observed that the lender work with other institutions to prevent poor and underdeveloped countries from making policies that can result in actual development. Ultimately their citizens have to suffer huge taxes and inflation.A major power wants to establish its foothold in Asia through India, and if Pakistan moves away from China today or bows to India, the IMF will immediately restore the deal, he said.Dr. Murtaza Mughal said that even the friendly countries have left Pakistan alone at the behest of an influential country and this nexus is not hidden from anyone.He said that a powerful country is not happy with the reconciliation between Iran and Saudi Arabia, nor is it pleased with China’s successful diplomacy and wants it to be subverted at any cost so that its political interests are fulfilled.The reconciliation between Iran and KSA will hurt the interests of the western power and it will not be able to sell arms and ammunition worth billions of dollars, therefore, it can attempt to use Pakistan in this regard.He warned that if at this critical juncture, the politicians do not show their senses and continue to sacrifice the national interest for the sake of power, then Pakistan will be completely trapped by world powers.

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