Ramazan, inflation and one dish on table

Salman Hussain
Honestly, I do not know why I am writing. I wonder if anybody will read this poor idea of mine! Whatever, I am going to start this piece of writing for myself. At least I could be able to overcome this grim burden. Leave this what my feelings are, let’s get onboard. I believe I should start it from a short story, which I encountered on F8, Islamabad. About 70 years old Gray-headed women were crawling alongside the road. She looks disgustedly phatatic. In spite of that, nobody even wants to look at her, off! I do not know how to write. At that moment, I am looking at this polarized world. Expensive cars are moving full up beat and full beat music. Inside the cars, rich people enjoy the rain whereas outside their car windows, this old lady is crying out some words like Will we survive in this upcoming Ramadan. However, I, poor salman, asked her, (Maa jee kyaa maslla hay) what was going on here. She spoke some words and cried; we do not have anything for our table. I wish there is one dish on my table and Ramazan was also coming. So check out my pocket, however this dependent student has nothing in his pocket. So I slowly stepped away and at that moment I also felt that I was going to burst into pieces. Why am I sharing this disgusting story? Hope you can get the situation of this polarized Pakistan, where rich have ten types of dishes in their tables, on the other hand poor are wishing even for one dish just to go away their feelings of hungers. So, please ramazn is going to start. And on the other hand, our Islamic democratic Pakistan Sahib is going through a lot of crises as usual. So we can not expect anything from the state, instead of that state is trampling us to the death. therefore, please look around yourself. Look at your neighbor if you are at home, check out your friends if you are out of your homes and share something with your brothers and sisters for the sake of humanity.

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